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{{NFL roster |TeamName=Minnesota Vikings |rosterlink=http://www.vikings.com/team/roster.html |depthlink=http://www.vikings.com/team/depth-chart.html |translink=http://www.vikings.com/team/transactions.html |BC1=#3B0160 |FC1=#FFFFFF |BDC1=#F0BF00 |offseason=no |ufa=no |rfa=no |erfa=no |Active=52 |Inactive=3 |PS=8 |FA= |unsigned= |Date=October 26, 2011 |Quarterbacks= {{NFLplayer|&nbsp;5|Donovan McNabb}} {{NFLplayer|&nbsp;7|Christian Ponder|rookie=y}} {{NFLplayer|14|Joe Webb}} |Running Backs= {{NFLplayer|27|Lorenzo Booker}} {{NFLplayer|44|Ryan D'Imperio|FB}} {{NFLplayer|32|Toby Gerhart}} {{NFLplayer|28|Adrian Peterson}} |Wide Receivers= {{NFLplayer|19|Devin Aromashodu}} {{NFLplayer|86|Stephen Burton|rookie=y}} {{NFLplayer|85|Greg Camarillo}} {{NFLplayer|12|Percy Harvin|KR}} {{NFLplayer|84|Michael Jenkins|d=American football}} |Tight Ends= {{NFLplayer|40|Jim Kleinsasser|FB}} {{NFLplayer|82|Kyle Rudolph|rookie=y}} {{NFLplayer|81|Visanthe Shiancoe}} |Offensive Linemen= {{NFLplayer|61|Joe Berger|C}} {{NFLplayer|79|Patrick Brown|d=American football|T}} {{NFLplayer|63|Brandon Fusco|rookie=y|C}} {{NFLplayer|64|Anthony Herrera|d=American football|G}} {{NFLplayer|76|Steve Hutchinson|d=American football|G}} {{NFLplayer|74|Charlie Johnson|d=offensive tackle|G/T}} {{NFLplayer|71|Phil Loadholt|T}} {{NFLplayer|75|DeMarcus Love|rookie=y|T}} {{NFLplayer|65|John Sullivan|d=American football|C}} |Defensive Linemen= {{NFLplayer|69|Jared Allen|DE}} {{NFLplayer|92|Remi Ayodele|DT}} {{NFLplayer|99|Christian Ballard|rookie=y|DT}} {{NFLplayer|90|Fred Evans|d=American football|DT}} {{NFLplayer|97|Everson Griffen|DE}} {{NFLplayer|98|Letroy Guion|DT}} {{NFLplayer|91|D'Aundre Reed|rookie=y|DE}} {{NFLplayer|96|Brian Robison|DE}} {{NFLplayer|93|Kevin Williams|d=defensive tackle|DT}} |Linebackers= {{NFLplayer|57|Xavier Adibi|MLB}} {{NFLplayer|51|Larry Dean|rookie=y|MLB}} {{NFLplayer|52|Chad Greenway|OLB}} {{NFLplayer|56|E. J. Henderson|MLB}} {{NFLplayer|50|Erin Henderson|OLB}} {{NFLplayer|55|Kenny Onatolu|OLB}} |Defensive Backs= {{NFLplayer|39|Husain Abdullah|FS}} {{NFLplayer|21|Asher Allen|CB}} {{NFLplayer|36|Brandon Burton|rookie=y|CB}} {{NFLplayer|37|Eric Frampton|SS}} {{NFLplayer|23|Cedric Griffin|CB}} {{NFLplayer|25|Tyrell Johnson|d=American football|SS}} {{NFLplayer|41|Mistral Raymond|rookie=y|FS}} {{NFLplayer|33|Jamarca Sanford|SS}} {{NFLplayer|35|Marcus Sherels|CB/PR}} {{NFLplayer|26|Antoine Winfield|CB}} |Special Teams= {{NFLplayer|&nbsp;4|Chris Kluwe|P}} {{NFLplayer|46|Cullen Loeffler|LS}} {{NFLplayer|&nbsp;8|Ryan Longwell|K}} |Reserve Lists= {{NFLplayer|54|Jasper Brinkley|MLB|IR}} {{NFLplayer|31|Chris Cook|d=American football|CB|Susp.}} {{NFLplayer|73|Scott Kooistra|OT|IR}} |Practice Squad= {{NFLplayer|16|Emmanuel Arceneaux|rookie=y|WR}} {{NFLplayer|72|Chris DeGeare|G}} {{NFLplayer|29|D. J. Johnson|d=cornerback b. 1985|CB}} {{NFLplayer|38|Caleb King|rookie=y|RB}} {{NFLplayer|68|Butch Lewis|d=American football|rookie=y|G}} {{NFLplayer|59|Tyrone McKenzie|LB}} {{NFLplayer|89|Allen Reisner|rookie=y|TE}} {{NFLplayer|15|Kerry Taylor|d=American football|rookie=y|WR}} }}<noinclude> [[Category:National Football League roster templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Minnesota Vikings templates|Roster]] [[de:Vorlage:Kader der Minnesota Vikings]] </noinclude>
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