„Szerkesztő:Connio100/Allap” változatai közötti eltérés

a (→‎Instrument: linkek)
D’Antallfy moved to Budapest in 1902, where he attended the faculty of law at the Hungarian Royal University according to his father’s wish and at the same time he studied the organ and composing music at the Academy of Music. For four years, he was the student of [[Hans Koessler]], the famous musician who instructed many Hungarian composers including Kodály, Bartók and Weiner. After signal success he graduated outstandingly in 1906.
He studied composing music at the Academy of Music in Berlin, one of the centres of music of the time, where he had classes with [[Joseph Joachim]], a seventy-five year old violinist and composer of Hungarian origin. He worked as a conductor in the Cologne Opera House in 1907 and 1908. The next year he continued his studies in Leipzig and [[Bologna]].