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: If you rather repair then delete/revert content, I think ''that'' is a plus for the hungarian WP. BTW, here are the Hungarian Top 1000: http://stats.grok.se/hu/top not even [[Linux]] is among them and actually even the page view numbers are quite low. The general problem with pictures and schemes I see, is that only very few people bother to look for them at commons. You stumble upon them in other languages and then maybe bother to add them elsewhere. Many files are also insufficiently categorized and described. The picture [[:File:Libvirt support.svg]] is a bit too much for the hungarian article on KVM, obviously, but that way, at least people realize that there ''could'' be more content, even without visiting enWP. [[Szerkesztő:ScotXW|ScotXW]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:ScotXW|vita]]</sup> 2013. november 6., 19:32 (CET)
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