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→‎User pages: (új szakasz)
(→‎User pages: (új szakasz))
Kérlek, állj le! --[[Szerkesztő:Pagony|Pagony]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Pagony|vita]]</sup> 2014. május 1., 21:58 (CEST)
: megtévesztő? [[Szerkesztő:ScotXW|ScotXW]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:ScotXW|vita]]</sup> 2014. május 1., 22:02 (CEST)
== User pages ==
Hi! Let me write in English and pardon me for my mistakes innit, for now and ever. So, there are different types of user pages. The page at URL '.../wiki/Szerkesztő:ScotXW' is your user page. On this you show basic info about yourself, like what languages you speak, etc. It contains a brief summary, generally. You can see examples at other users' pages.
The 'vitalap' is public discussions page. Other users write there and leave you messages.
You can make other pages in your namespace, simply by adding a / and the page name after the user page URL, like '.../wiki/Szerkesztő:ScotXW/valami' -- these pages are for temporary edits and other stuff, e.g. for collected links and remarks for a new article, images for labeling, temporary translations, etc. These pages are private, nobody will touch these unless you place some really nasty stuff there.
This scheme is not mandatory, this is only a suggestion. With it you can edit in the backstage and people could see some decent info on the front page – and the gory details would be far behind :))
Maybe you know all of this, don't take this as a nagging. BR, [[Szerkesztő:Pkunk|Pkunk]][[Fájl:Mail in the bottle.jpg|25px|palack|link=Szerkesztővita:Pkunk]]<sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Pkunk|pošta]]</sup> 2014. május 1., 23:29 (CEST)