Rácz Felix

Csatlakozott ekkor: 2012. március 29.
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:'''Felix Rácz''' was born in Satu Mare (1973) and lives in Hungary since 1991. He speaks Hungarian, English, French and Romanian. He foundfounded Felix Promotion in 2002.
: The name can be familiar to sport fans because Felix Promotion is part of the Hungarian- and international life. Thanks to the company’s excellent boxers and TV2’s production, TV2 Ring a few months later it gained a nationwide fame.
: Almost 3, 2 million people followed the „Bonecracker” versus J. P. Chacon’s fight on TV Live, which entered in the Hungarian sport history as the most popular sport event includingfeaturing a hungarian. During its nearly five years of activity the company has promoted 78 title fights. 10 Hungarian-, 32 international-, 9 European- and 27 World Championship belts were attached to different athletes wrist.
: The most popular athletes of the team were: Bettina Csábi, Viktória Miló, Attila „Viper” Kovács, János „Bonecracker” Nagy, Jozsef „Hangman” Nagy.
: Between 2004 and 2006 Felix Rácz was the president of the Hungarian Boxing Federation’s technical comission.