Derzsi Elekes Andor

Csatlakozott ekkor: 2006. február 15.
a (Metapolisz Images - 2006)
His real name: Elekes Andor. Since 2006 - when he started Metapolisz Images, open in logosphere as a source for those who want to publish free images to the public of the World, on the World. - he took lots of photos and vids. Born to székely Derzsi Elekes family (Székelykeresztúr), had attended ELTE University (Budapest) and passed degree in Law in 1974, later the Academy of Foreign Affairs. Until 1991 he practiced law as a free-lance lawyer in Nagymező street downtown, Budapest, representing the Directorates of the Markets (Subsidiary of Town of Budapest) and the first several joint-venture corporations of Hungary. From 1993 to 2000 he was the legal adviser to the Budapest Branch of Commercial Bank, Hungary and from 2001 to 2013 to OTP Bank, Hungary. Since 2013 Elekes tries to help his corporation to sell really good, quality Hungarian wines to the Far East and other places and takes photos and vids where he can do so. Sites:
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