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STOP now. Your edits were simply bad. You dont have the right to randomly accuse people with xenophobia, no, we don't speak Latin, and no, you did not do what you think. Please try to imagine a situation in which you are simply wrong, and not the rest of the world hates you. [[User:Bináris|Bináris]]<sup>&nbsp;[[user vita:Bináris|ide]]</sup>&nbsp;Kelt:&nbsp;Wikipédia,&nbsp; 2017. augusztus 8., 22:48 (CEST)
Dear Richard,
I apologize. I think you are right and Bináris is simply wrong and rude. [[Szerkesztő:Ramakuni|Ramakuni]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Ramakuni|vita]]</sup> 2017. augusztus 10., 05:37 (CEST)
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