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Ez az oldal a [[WPM:C|cikkértékelés]] rendszerét, alapelveit, működését és célját írja le, ismerteti az értékeléshez használatos műhelysablonok paramétereit, igyekszik mintát és fogódzókat nyújtani az értékelés nehéz munkájához.
==Maglev using compatible old rails also for linear engine is not worse, cheap&realistic==
Other suggested maglev systems but to be developed first are using more stainless steel in a time of steel overproduction in a rectangular U shape directed with opening to the inner side between two rails with skids inside the U attracting magnetic controlled upwards, downwards and to both sides always holding a defined gap distance and distracting downwards, in case of junctions the train skid is just attracting to one side against distracting magnets and holding only from downside upwards with e-magnets on the other side that way without movable parts and switch time.
[[File:rail profile.svg|thumb|Cross-sections of [[rail profile|flat-bottomed rail]], with a head always horizontal magnetic changing polarization on sides and possible vertical magnetic polarized through leg and head]]
Another possible and maybe best solution with power greater or equal than Transrapid for linear engine, lifting and side holding because of low cost and (time) effort is with compatibility to the old railway system just with for rail head surrounding of the skids or skids changed junctions and changed magnetism of the old rails for surrounding of the rail head and web keeping a defined magnetic gap (about 1-2 cm) combined with linear engine over always changing horizontal magnetic polarization (example all 5cm made after heated up with strong magnetic fields not taking the rail out) of the rail head so that angled magnets can attract or distract forwards and backwards same time gap holding and a vertical polarization adding up to the e-magnets of the skids under the rail head angled to the head top for distracting downwards of the skids upon from both head sides of both rails all usable also for normal trains at wheel case where normally are the magnetic (swivel) brakes used also for holding regulated downwards on inner rail in curves against derailing and for adding linear engine power with less slippage improvable with neodymium-iron-boron etc. and superconductive magnets special on mountain and acceleration sections. Kayuweboehm@yahoo.de
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