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== [[Európai Filmdíjak 2017]] ==
Greetings from Germany, Fekist! I am wondering about the nominations for Best Film Comedy in [[Európai Filmdíjak 2017]]. The European Film Academy hasn't even published the nominations (see [http://www.europeanfilmawards.eu/ www.europeanfilmawards.eu]. Where do you got the information that ''Tschick'', ''Ma vie de Courgette'' and ''Das Mädchen vom Änziloch'' are nominated for Best Comedy? Just wondering, --[[Szerkesztő:César|César]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:César|vita]]</sup> 2017. szeptember 22., 14:47 (CEST)
:Hi! This is probably a misunderstanding. There was, of course, no nomination in the category of the [[Legjobb európai komédia|Best European Comedy]] yet (as there weren't in the major categories either). These three films mentioned above competed for the [[Európai Filmakadémia fiatal közönség díja|EFA Young Audience Award]]. (And it was the ''[[de:Tschick (Film)|Tschick]]'' by Fatih Akın that won...) Best regards, – [[Szerkesztő:Fekist|Fekist]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Fekist|vita]]</sup> 2017. szeptember 22., 20:25 (CEST)
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