„Sablon:Tommy Emmanuel” változatai közötti eltérés

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| csoport1 = Stúdióalbumok
| lista1 = ''[[From Out of Nowhere]]{{•}} [[Up From Down Under]]{{•}} [[Dare To Be Different]]{{•}} [[Determination]]{{•}} [[The Journey]]{{•}} [[The Journey Continues]]{{•}} [[Initiation]]{{•}} [[Classical Gas]]{{•}} [[Can’t Get Enough (Tommy Emmanuel-album)|Can’t Get Enough]]{{•}} [[Only]]{{•}} [[Endless Road]]{{•}} [[The Mystery]]{{•}} [[Little by Little (album)|Little by Little]]{{•}} [[All I Want for Christmas]]{{•}} [[It's Never Too Late]]{{•}} [[Christmas Memories]]''
| csoport2 = Kollaborációk
| lista2 = ''[[Terra Firma]]{{•}} [[The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World]]{{•}} [[Happy Hour]]{{•}} [[Just Between Frets]]{{•}} [[The Colonel and The Governor]]{{•}} [[Dov'è andata la musica]]{{•}} [[Just Passing Through]]{{•}} [[Pickin']]{{•}} [[Accomplice One]]''
| csoport3 = Koncertalbumok
| lista3 = ''[[Live One]]{{•}} [[Center Stage]]{{•}} [[Live and Solo]]{{•}} [[Live at the Ryman]]''
| csoport4 = Válogatásalbumok
| lista4 = ''[[Collaboration]]{{•}} [[Greatest Hits (Tommy Emmanuel-album)|Greatest Hits]]{{•}} [[Essential 3.0]]''
| csoport5 = Videofelvételek
| lista5 = ''[[Live At Sheldon Concert Hall]]{{•}} [[Guitar Talk]]{{•}} [[Up Close]]{{•}} [[Live At Her Majesty’s Theatre]]{{•}} [[Emmanuel Labor]]{{•}} [[Center Stage]]{{•}} [[Certified Gems]]{{•}} [[Fingerstyle Milestones]]{{•}} [[Music Gone Public]]''