„Wikipédia:Wikitanácsi indítványok/Bencemac (másodszor)” változatai közötti eltérés

:::::*# Discrimination is not something like that. Call me an idiot, I don't care. Discriminate me, it's a different story. We're dealing with a very serious issue, a fundamental human right. Fundamental human rights are not just personal. It should be clear whether we are dealing with the opinion of an individual or with a policy of the Hungarian Wiki. In my opinion issues like that should be answered by the top and not be discussed in some tea season (if you get my drift). It should be very clear whether discrimination is tolerated or even a policy on the Hungarian Wiki. Looking at Bencemac statement "''a bürokraták kézikönyvének idevágó szakasza alapján hoztam meg''" and how some here advocate for a different treatment of foreigners shows me I came exactly to the right place. And if needed I'll take it all the way up to the Board.
::::: Once again, people should be judged by the work they do and have done, not by the work they don't do and haven't done or have no intention of starting to do. Especially not based on speculations about the future, where foreigners are portrait as people you can't trust or to be the only ones who can make mistakes. My request wasn't declined based on the reason "you're making top many grammar mistakes" or "you are making top many technical mistakes" or "your edits are of poor quality/don't meet the required standard". but on the fact "you're non Hungarian", now by some explained as "you might start making grammar mistakes in the future", "you might start making technical mistakes in the future", "foreigners need a babysitter no matter what".
::::: It are unequal criteria or irrelevant criteria, an unequal treatment and discrimination in every aspect.