„Esetjog” változatai közötti eltérés

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{{más-leírás|Szokásjog|(angolul "Common law")}}
Az '''esetjog''' (vagy '''precedensjog''', (angolul ''"Case law"'') az [[angolszász jogrendszer]]ekben a szokásjog (angolul ''"Common law"'') közel azonos értelmű szinonímája.<ref name="GarnerUsageDef0">{{cite book | title = A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage | last = Garner | first= Bryan A. | year = 2001 | publisher = [[Oxford University Press]] | location = New York | edition = 2nd, revised | ref = harv|p=177|quote = In modern usage, ''common law'' is contrasted with a number of other terms. First, in denoting the body of judge-made law based on that developed in England… [P]erhaps most commonly within Anglo-American jurisdictions, ''common law'' is contrasted with ''statutory law'' ... }}</ref><ref name="Blacks10thDef1">{{cite book|title=Black's Law Dictionary - Common law|date=2014|edition=10th|p=334 | quote=1. The body of law derived from judicial decisions, rather than from statutes or constitutions; CASE LAW [contrast to] STATUTORY LAW.}}</ref>
== Jegyzetek ==
* [[Angolszász jogrendszer]]
* [[Precedens]]
* [[Szokásjog]] (angolul ''"Comon law"'')