„Wikipédia:Nevezetesség (pornószínészek)” változatai közötti eltérés

# Az előadóról filmet neveztek el. A filmes cégek gyakran használják fel a szakmában még viszonylag kezdő, vagy más okból promotálni kivánt színészek nevét a filmcímekben.
== Rationale for the need of this guideline ==
This guideline is not an exception to [[Wikipedia:Notability (people)]], but a clarification of how those standards should be appropriately applied to this unusual industry. [[Pornography]] carries a stigma such that performers receive very little attention from the mainstream press. However, the opposite is true on [[Internet pornography|the Internet]], where promoters [[Wikipedia:Search engine test|flood the net]] with pages and pictures; most of these are not independent fan sites. The volume of film appearances is also radically different than other genres; an energetic though non-notable performer can appear in dozens of porn films per year.
This guideline attempts to summarize the consistent aspects of discussions at AfD evaluations, and thus reflect current community consensus. Being a guideline, this is not an absolute policy, and exceptions should be recognized in individual discussions. If specific exceptions come up consistently enough, these should be incorporated in this guideline. Due to the nature of its subject matter, this guideline may always be controversial.
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