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Hi and sorry for writing in English. Is this article about the village or about the commune with this name? I see the article is linked to the wikidata item about the village - in that case the image is wrong, since the railway station is in Ciclova. If this is about the village, it should probably be linked with {{Q|794223}}.--[[Szerkesztő:Strainu|Strainu]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Strainu|vita]]</sup> 2019. június 9., 01:27 (CEST)
It is about the village; I took out the photo. – [[Szerkesztővita:Hkoala|<span style="color: #602260">Hkoala</span>]] [[Kép:Pesce(Simbolo).jpg|19px]] 2019. június 9., 07:16 (CEST)