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a ((GR) File renamed: File:Dayton ETI trolleybus 9601.jpgFile:Dayton ETI 14TrE trolleybus 9601 at Stroop in 1996.jpg Criterion 1 (original uploader’s request) · To add detail, particularly given that (for many years) the category had no images of similar model 14TrE2, but it now does, making it helpful to indicate that the bus in this image is model 14TrE, rather than 14TrE2.)
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| Trolza-5265 Megapolis
| [[Fájl:TrolzaPerm 5265asv2019-05 inimg19 Saratovtrolley at Razgulay stop.jpg|center|100px]]
| [[:commons:Category:Trolza-5265|Trolza-5265]]
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