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Az alábbi lista az [[Egyesült Királyság]] miniszterelnökeit tartalmazza.
{{For|a list of British prime ministers|List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom}}
{{short description|Head of UK Government}}
{{Use dmy dates|date=July 2019}}
{{Use British English|date=April 2013}}
{{Infobox official post
| post = Prime Minister
| body = the<br>United Kingdom
| insignia = Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (HM Government).svg
| insigniacaption = [[Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom|Royal Arms]] of [[Government of the United Kingdom|Her Majesty's Government]]
| image = Boris Johnson MP.jpg
| incumbent = [[Boris Johnson]]
| incumbentsince = {{Start date|df=yes|2019|7|24}}
| department = [[Government of the United Kingdom]]<br>[[Prime Minister's Office (United Kingdom)|Office of the Prime Minister]]
| style = [[Prime Minister]]<br>(informal)<br>[[The Right Honourable]]<br>(UK and Commonwealth)<br>[[Excellency|His Excellency]]<ref>{{cite web |url=https://www.un.int/protocol/sites/www.un.int/files/Protocol%20and%20Liaison%20Service/hspmfm.pdf |title=Public List |publisher=United Nations Protocol and Liaison Office |date=24 August 2016 |accessdate=28 December 2018 |page=61}}</ref><br>(international)
| status = [[Head of government]]
| member_of = [[Cabinet of the United Kingdom|Cabinet]]<br>[[Privy Council of the United Kingdom|Privy Council]]<br>[[European Council]]<br>[[British–Irish Council]]
| reports_to = [[Parliament of the United Kingdom|Parliament]]
| residence = {{ubl|[[10 Downing Street]]|[[Chequers|Chequers (country house)]]}}
| seat = [[Westminster]]
| nominator = [[List of political parties in the United Kingdom|Political parties]]
| appointer = The [[Monarchy of the United Kingdom|Monarch]]
| appointer_qualified = appoints the party leader who commands the confidence of the [[House of Commons of the United Kingdom|Commons]]
| termlength = [[At Her Majesty's pleasure]]
| constituting_instrument =
| formation = 3 April 1721
| first = Sir [[Robert Walpole]]{{efn|As [[First Lord of the Treasury]] and ''de facto'' first Prime Minister.}}
| salary = £151,451 annually<ref>{{cite web|url=https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/629500/Salaries_of_Members_of_Her_Majesty_s_Government_from_1st_April_2017.pdf |title=Salaries of Members of Her Majesty’s Government from 9th June 2017 |format=PDF |date= |accessdate=2018-12-28}}</ref><br>(including £76,011 MP's salary)<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.parliament.uk/about/faqs/house-of-commons-faqs/members-faq-page2/#jump-link-16 |title=What is the annual salary of an MP? |publisher=Parliament.uk |date=2010-04-21 |accessdate=2018-12-28}}</ref>
| deputy = [[Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom|Deputy Prime Minister]]
| website = {{url|Number10.gov.uk}}
{| class="wikitable"