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You are now talking with busTmom
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<Gecimo> hi...if you were a princess, would you sentence me to forced labor?
<Gecimo> hi...if you were a princess, would you sentence me to forced labor?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> why?
<busTmom> i'd have you locked in the dungeon and tortured
<Gecimo> ohh
<Gecimo> for how long?
<busTmom> as long as my jackbooted thugs can keep you alive before you die
<Gecimo> omg....would it be a horrible dungeon?
<busTmom> full of conservative christians
<Gecimo> omg why?
<busTmom> conservative christians are subhuman filth and need to be exterminated
<Gecimo> describe the torture please that I would get
<busTmom> you will be crammed inside a small metal box just barely big enough for an adult human body to fit in
<busTmom> your arms and legs may have to be broken to cram you inside
<Gecimo> omg
<busTmom> the box will be heated to 130 degrees
<Gecimo> oh my goodness
<busTmom> inside you will be subject to lights not quite bright enough to blind you and an alarm siren not quite loud enough to deafen you, constantly
<busTmom> you will receive no food or water except for when the guards open the box to piss and shit on you
<Gecimo> oh my goodness
<busTmom> and the box will constantly be vibrating violently enough to rattle your teeth
<busTmom> you will be left in there until you die
<Gecimo> would you watch that process?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> would the lights in the box be vibrating?
<busTmom> yes
<Gecimo> what colour would the light have?
<busTmom> red
<Gecimo> omg
<Gecimo> but what if I close my eyes?
<busTmom> it will be so bright you can still see it through your eyelids
<Gecimo> would you enjoy introducing that?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> then why would you :P
<busTmom> because your kind must be exterminated
<Gecimo> would it be possible that you force us into military slavery to make us suffer and to risk our lives?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> why?
<busTmom> you have no practical purpose
<Gecimo> so our fate would be that box
<Gecimo> would I be laid naked into the box?
<busTmom> yes
<Gecimo> omg my skin would burn on the hot iron
<busTmom> you deserve it
<Gecimo> would the box be so small that we couldnt even move?
<busTmom> yes
<Gecimo> would I be alone in the box or with other christian conservatives?
<busTmom> each one in their own box
<Gecimo> and it would be impossible to exit?
<busTmom> yes
<Gecimo> we would probably scream of heat, thristiness, disturbing voice and lights
<busTmom> you will be subject to the maximum amount of torture for each of your senses
<Gecimo> would the voice be monoton or waving?
<busTmom> no voice
<Gecimo> then alarm siren
<busTmom> yes
<Gecimo> it would be that typical alarm what I can hear for example from smoke detectors?
<busTmom> no it would be a world war 2 air raid siren
<Gecimo> oh my goodness
<busTmom> you deserve it
<Gecimo> for how long would it last approximately?
<busTmom> how long do you think you could survive that
<Gecimo> I dont know....I would scream and cry....2-3 days max...or even less....it would be impossible to sleep either
<Gecimo> would I be laid on my back or on my stomach in the box?
<busTmom> upside down on your head
<Gecimo> oh my god!!!
<Gecimo> would there be no pause?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> no release?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> if it depended on you when would it start for me?
<busTmom> now
<Gecimo> if we had to pee or pooh, would we pee and pooh onto ourselves in the box?
<busTmom> all over yourselves
<Gecimo> what would you say before forcing us into the boxes?
<busTmom> your false god trump can't save you now
<Gecimo> and would you smile sarcastically?
<busTmom> no
<Gecimo> how would you look into my eyes?
<busTmom> would not
<Gecimo> I would beg you crying
<busTmom> you need to be destroyed for my safety
<Gecimo> and for example, you wouldnt sentence liberal persons to such a punishment?
<busTmom> this is what you get for threatening my family
<Gecimo> but im innocent...who threatened your family?  are you black?
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