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→‎Your Wikimania presentation: adding the German stats to it
(→‎Your Wikimania presentation: adding the German stats to it)
Hi Samat; I attended your and Trizek's presentation [[:wikimania:2019:Community Growth/Onboarding and Retention: Hungarian and French Wikipedias|Onboarding and Retention: Hungarian and French Wikipedias]] in Stockholm and found it very interesting. I'm trying to find out what, maybe, German-language Wikipedia could learn from your approaches to improve retention of newbies and the number of active editors. In this regard, I have a question regarding the graph on page 12 of [https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Hungarian_editor_retention_program_-_Wikimania_2019.pdf&page=12 your presentation]. What exactly is it measuring? The number of active editors? With what definition of "active"? And if I remember correctly, the red part is the time span when you had Flagged Revisions active? Do you have deactivated Flagged Revisions completely in Hungarian Wikipedia or which changes did you make to it? Were there any other significant changes made at the point where the trend changed? Sorry for the many questions :-) - sadly, the Etherpad for this presentation is empty, it seems that no notes were taken... [[Szerkesztő:Gestumblindi|Gestumblindi]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Gestumblindi|vita]]</sup> 2019. augusztus 22., 22:59 (CEST)
:{{ping|Gestumblindi}} thank you for your questions. Sorry that I missed the title fromof the vertical axis (I realized that before the presentation, but it was already too late) :) This graph shows the number of editors (including anonymous/non-registered editors) with 5 to 24 edits in the given month. If you open the pdf, you can follow [https://stats.wikimedia.org/v2/#/hu.wikipedia.org/contributing/editors/normal|line|all|activity_level~5..24-edits|monthly the link] to stats.wikimedia.org/v2, and to the statistical software I used to remove the seasonal and calendar effect of the dataset. If you are interested in more details, visit [[Wikipédia:Jelölt lapváltozatok/Statisztikák|this page]] where I summarized the study, with some conclusion in Hungarian. (I am planning to translate the page to English, but you can use a translating service until then. Feel free to ask any question if it is not clear.) Both colored parts mean, that Flagged Revision is active, but last year we changed the settings in a way, that it always shows the last version of the page to the readers (therefore the casual editors can see their contribution after they made the edit); otherwise FR and its services are still active. We are planning to use a new feature in the future, where FR will use the results from [[:meta:Wiki labels|ORES]], and recent patrolling will be faster, easier and more effective. I think this is an interesting result which can be useful for the German Wikipedia as well, because the [https://stats.wikimedia.org/v2/#/de.wikipedia.org/contributing/active-editors/normal|line|all|~total|monthly trend for dewiki] is quite monotonically decreasing. [[User:Samat|Samat]] <sup>[[User vita:Samat|üzenetrögzítő]]</sup> 2019. augusztus 22., 23:59 (CEST)