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| albumon = [[The Emancipation of Mimi]]
| B-oldal =
| megjelent = [[2006]]. [[április 3]].
| formátum = CD, DVD és 12" kislemez
| felvételek = [[New York City]], [[Capri]]; 2004
| stílus = [[PopR&B]]/[[R&Bgospel]]
| hossz = 3:4452
| kiadó = [[Island Records]]
| szerzők = Mariah Carey, [[James „Big Jim” Wright]]
| producer = Mariah Carey, James Wright
| helyezések = * #19 <small>([[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs|USA R&B]])</small>
* #104 <small>(USA)</small>
| előző = [[Say Somethin’]]<br>(2006)
| jelenlegi = Fly Like a Bird<br>(2006)
<!--Carey created the chorus' main lyrics and melody, while Wright arranged its chord structure. Carey later wrote the rest of the lyrics and asked her pastor, Clarence Keaton, to speak on the track. Keaton read directly from the [[Bible]]: "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy will come in the morning". Carey called it her "favorite song on the album [...] mainly because it's very much a spiritual message.... And I just felt like the message was really important to include on the album and that's why it's the final song on the album. It kind of sums up everything. It kind of leaves you on a spiritual high moment."
''[[Billboard magazine|Billboard]]'' magazine called the song "a classic"<ref>[http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/reviews/single_review_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1002275388 Billboard.com]</ref> and described it as "another career-redefining hit ... The flight of "Bird" from humble call for deliverance into a frenzied ecclesiastic hymn is utterly spine-tingling. A joyful noise."<ref>[http://www.mariahdaily.com/corantofiles/news-archive-2-2006.shtml Mariah Daily]</ref>
In [[Milwaukee, Wisconsin]] a remake of the song was created in memory of Purvis Parker and Quadrevion Henning, two [[Milwaukee]] boys that drowned in a lagoon in spring 2006. The remake includes news broadcasts and family speaking about the two missing boys.-->
<!--"Fly like a Bird" was released on a two-song [[promotional single]] with "My Saving Grace" &mdash; a track from Carey's ninth studio album, ''[[Charmbracelet]]'' (2002) &mdash; to gospel radio stations in the United States on [[May 18]] [[2005]]. It received little airplay and consequently was not released to other radio formats, but it was played by several urban, rhythmic, and urban adult contemporary stations across the U.S. Carey performed the song live with a medley of "[[We Belong Together]]" in February at the [[Grammy Awards of 2006|2006 Grammy Awards]] with Wright on the piano & organ. The performance was met with a standing ovation, and many critics cited it as "the best performance of the night" as well as one of Mariah's best performance in recent years. It even prompted Teri Hatcher, who was presenting an award following the performance, to say that it felt like "they've just been saved".
In April 2006 "Fly like a Bird" was released to U.S. urban and urban adult contemporary radio stations, at the same time "[[Say Somethin']]", another song on ''The Emancipation of Mimi'', was released to pop and rhythmic radio stations. "Fly like a Bird" did not chart on the U.S. [[Billboard Hot 100|''Billboard'' Hot 100]], instead reaching number four on Billboard's [[Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles]] chart, which represents the twenty-five songs below the Hot 100's number 100 position that have not yet appeared on the Hot 100. It peaked at number nineteen on ''Billboard'''s [[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs]] chart and topped the Hot [[Adult R&B Airplay]] chart for six weeks. The song had longevity in the urban market, reaching its peak on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in its twenty-fourth week. It was still in the top thirty after its fiftieth week. Plans for a [[music video]] for the single were cancelled.{{Fact|date=February 2007}}
After Carey won at the [[Grammy Awards]] in early 2006, the song became successful on the radio in Asia. In the [[Philippines]] it was released as a radio-only single and became popular, but because it was only released as a promo single it was unable to chart.
An official urban remix produced by [[Kanye West]] and Melonie Daniels was recorded but has yet to be released. The remix samples [[Earth, Wind & Fire]]'s "Keep Your Head to the Sky".{{Fact|date=February 2007}} [[Maurice Joshua]] and [[Tracy Young]] produced remixes of the song: the Needin' You Remix and the Maurice Joshua Anthem, respectively.
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