„Szerkesztő:Kb6000/próbalap” változatai közötti eltérés

1 "Omni-Copped" A.J. Marchisello Andrew Stewart and Kelly Turnbull January 26, 2019 (UK) February 23, 2019[nb 15] 181 0.61[124]
====== 3.évad 3. évad 1. epizód Omnitrix újratöltve ======
When Grandpa Max's engineer buddy Phil Billings gifts Team Tennyson the Omni-Copter, a vehicle that can transport the Rustbucket for overseas adventures, Steam Smythe takes to the skies to ground Ben and company's first test flight; but unbeknownst to our heroes, Smythe was sent to battle Ben's latest alien forms by a mysterious, powerful enemy.
====== 3. évad 2. epizód Új hősök régi ellenségek ======
82 2 "This One Goes to 11" Joe Casey Benjamin Lane January 27, 2019 (UK) February 23, 2019[nb 16] 182 0.62[124]
====== 3. évad 3. epizód Kaland a ködben ======
Before the Tennyson family embarks on their global road trip, Ben decides to make one last stop at the toy store, but encounters his old bully Kevin Levin, who has developed his own knockoff Omnitrix (the Antitrix) complete with corrupted versions of Ben's aliens. When Ben attempts to get revenge for the years of bullying Kevin put him through, he clashes with Kevin's version of Cannonbolt: Wrecking Bolt.
====== 3. évad 4. epizód Kis mancs ügyes mancs ======
83 3 "Rath of Con" A.J. Marchisello Ryan Kramer and Jenn Strickland January 29, 2019 (UK) March 2, 2019[nb 16] 184 0.68[125]
====== 3. évad 5. epizód A kastély ura ======
Back stateside, Ben can't get into a cat cosplay competition, Top Tail, without a cat costume of his own; but when he goes Rath, a new cat-like alien with an attitude, Ben's newfound wild side quickly becomes much more than he bargained for, and must learn to hold in his rage.
====== 3. évad 6. epizód Párizsi kaland ======
84 4 "Poles Apart" Tanner Marchisello Benjamin Lane February 1, 2019 (UK) March 2, 2019[nb 16] 187 0.68[125]
====== 3. évad 7. epizód Poles apart ======
When Ben, Gwen, and Max try to travel to the South Pole, magnetic disturbances cause the instruments to malfunction and take them to the North Pole instead, where they find that two criminal scientist brothers, Polar and Solar Twain, have plans to swap the magnetic poles of the Earth, unleashing technologic and atmospheric disturbance unless the world pays a ransom.
====== 3. évad 8. epizód Füllentősdi ======
85 5 "Show Don't Tell" Beto Skubs Chelsea McAlarney and Henrique Jardim February 2, 2019 (UK) March 9, 2019[nb 16] 188 0.56[126]
====== 3. évad 9. epizód El a kezekkel ======
Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max arrive at a Native American park to see the Ayasha Plinths, an ancient Stonehenge-like rock formation. But when Hex arrives, he casts a spell that causes everyone to interpret what he says as a lie, turning Hex into a hero planning on creating the Golem of Ayasha.
====== 3. évad 10. epizód Bübáj és B - terv ======
86 6 "Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!" A.J. Marchisello André LaMilza and Kelly Turnbull March 18, 2019 (UK) March 9, 2019[nb 16] 191 0.56[126]
====== 3. évad 11. epizód Falfutam ======
During medieval times, Team Tennyson must fight to remember that they're not in the past at all, but actually at a Renaissance-ques fair, where Zombozo has hypnotized its guests into thinking they live in the past.
====== 3. évad 12. epizód Lazits, ha tudsz ======
87 7 "Bridge Out" Marcus Rinehart Benjamin Lane March 19, 2019 (UK) March 16, 2019[nb 16] 192 0.57[127]
3. évad 13. epizód Nagy Ben bong
After an overpass collapses on the highway, Team Tennyson is trapped in a traffic jam along with Simon Sez and his family. But when Ben and Simon team up to tackle the gridlock together, Simon only makes matters worse.
88 8 "Beach Heads" John McClain Jenn Strickland, Leina Nitura and Josh Kim March 25, 2019 (UK) March 16, 2019[nb 16] 195 0.57[127]
After traveling to Tampa Beach, Florida, Team Tennyson hopes to get some much-needed rest & relaxation, but the Weatherheads have other plans that Ben must thwart: a solar powered tower so that they never worry about losing power.
89 9 "Charm School's Out" Patricia Villetto Benjamin Lane March 26, 2019 (UK) March 23, 2019[nb 16] TBA 0.46[128]
During a family cookout at a forest campsite, Charmcaster uses her magic to switch places with Gwen, but when Ben catches "Charmcaster" sneaking about, he attacks, unaware it's actually his cursed cousin.
90 10 "Billy Bajillions" A.J. Marchisello Henrique Jardim and Chelsea McAlarney March 27, 2019 (UK) March 23, 2019[nb 16] TBA 0.46[128]
In Aspen, Colorado, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max are on a hike to find the Forgeti, but when they realize they've stumbled upon Billy Billions own "Winter in July" ski resort, Ben must battle Billy, with an assist from the Forgeti itself.
91 11 "Franken-Fight" Tom Pinchuk Eleisiya Arocha and Ryan Kramer March 22, 2019 (Central and Eastern Europe) March 30, 2019[nb 17] 199 0.64[129]
Ben and Gwen's recreational drive in the Rustbuggy takes a turn when Glitch bonds with part of Kevin 11's version of 'Upgrade' named Bootleg. Not only does this cause the Rustbuggy to mutate into a metallic monster, but it makes Glitch become a speed demon who kidnaps Gwen!
92 12 "Buggin' the Bugs" Marcus Rinehart Martina Gionfriddo, Josh Kim, and Sarah Visel March 22, 2019 (Central and Eastern Europe) March 30, 2019[nb 17] 200 0.64[129]
Team Tennyson wonders what the Bugg Brothers are up to when the group runs into them while vacationing at the Chrysalen Institute.
93 13 "Which Watch" Joe Barnathan André LaMilza and Kelly Turnbull July 1, 2019 (UK) April 6, 2019[nb 17] 201 0.42[130]
After a battle with Kevin gets cut short, Ben turns his attention to one-upping Gwen at Space Camp. But, when Kevin returns with his sights strangely set on his cousin, our hero discovers who is really behind it all: Charmcaster!
94 14 "Baby Buktu" A.J. Marchisello Benjamin Lane July 2, 2019 (UK) April 6, 2019[nb 17] 202 0.42[130]
When attacked in the jungle, Team Tennyson is saved by a toddler who looks eerily similar to Tim Buktu, but when they discover it really a pint sized version of the nefarious globetrotter, Ben knows there's another threat looming: Nanny Nightmare.
95 15 "Them's Fightin' Words!" Marcus Rinehart Eleisiya Arocha and Chelsea McAlarney July 3, 2019 (UK) April 13, 2019[nb 17] 203 0.46[131]
Team Tennyson discovers a Hartfield-McJoy (a parody of the Hatfield-McCoy feud) reenactment in the cornfield next door, but when Hex resurrects the ghosts of the real feuding families, Ben must find a way to bring them together in order to save the day.
96 16 "Mutiny for the Bounty" A.J. Marchisello Josh Kim and Sarah Visel July 5, 2019 (UK) April 13, 2019[nb 17] 205 0.46[131]
While Phil and Grandpa Max tune-up the Omni-Copter, Ben takes the Rustbuggy off road, but when he is suddenly captured by Tetrax, our hero must not only escape but avoid the wrath of the double-crossed Kraab and Sixsix!
97 17 "The Chupaca-bro" Charles Kim Cody Walzel, George Holguin, and Kelly Turnbull July 8, 2019 (UK) April 20, 2019[nb 17] TBA 0.43[132]
Team Tennyson discovers that a small village's goats are being terrorized by the legendary Chupacabra, but when Ben realizes it's actually Dr. Animo, our hero must thwart the dastardly doctor.
98 18 "Buggy Out" Yuri Lowenthal Benjamin Lane July 9, 2019 (UK) April 20, 2019[nb 17] 207 0.43[132]
After winning a Sumo Slammers Champion belt, Ben returns to the Rustbucket to find it in the arms of Kevin, but when his rival hijacks the Rustbuggy instead, our hero must stop at nothing to get back what belongs to him. Eventually, though, Kevin and Ben must work together to fend off an attack from the Forever Knight, who is angered at Kevin's refusal to follow orders.
99 19 "Introducing Kevin 11" Josephine Green Zhang Eleisiya Arocha and Chelsea McAlarney July 10, 2019 (UK) April 27, 2019[nb 17] 208 0.41[133]
At a local swap meet, Ben instead sets his sights on a Sumo Slammer collectible, but when Kevin takes it for himself, our hero must get it back by overcoming Kevin's secret weapon: an 11th alien named Bashmouth.
100 20 "Four by Four" A.J. Marchisello April Amezquita, Luke Weber, and André LaMilza July 11, 2019 (UK) April 27, 2019[nb 17] 209 0.41[133]
During their visit to the Twin City, Ben and Gwen sign up for some Laser Town awesomeness, but when Ben is teamed up with Kevin, the two must overcome their differences if they are to end up on top, especially since Gwen has been paired with the mysterious Fang. To make things worse, a hit from a laser causes Kevin to be trapped in the form of his version of Four Arms named "Quad Smack", and he needs to find a way to fix his Antitrix in order to change back.
Note: This is the 100th episode of the show
3. évad 14. epizód Cyber Slammers
101 21 "Moor Fogg" Marcus Rinehart Marko Bajic and Bryan Baugh January 28, 2019 (UK) June 22, 2019 TBA 0.37[134]
When Team Tennyson's trip takes them to Scotland, they plan on visiting the various locales of Scotland, but their plans are foiled when the Fogg returns to exact its revenge.
102 22 "King of the Castle" Jonathan Browning Brittney Williams, Chelsea McAlarney and Eleisiya Arocha January 30, 2019 (UK) June 22, 2019 TBA 0.37[134]
Team Tennyson finds out about their British ancestry, so they visit their relative's estate, but mysterious events convince Ben that the place is haunted. However, it turns out that Kevin Levin has followed them to Britain, and showcases three new alien forms based on those Ben has lost: Thornblade (Wildvine), Undertow (Overflow), and Dark Matter (Grey Matter).
103 23 "Speechless on the Seine" Marcus Rinehart André LaMilza and Kelly Turnbull January 31, 2019 (UK) June 29, 2019 TBA 0.45[135]
When Ben and the others take a trip to Paris, Ben, impatient and uninterested, accidentally gets himself locked out of the Omni-Copter. To make things worse, he can't communicate with the people of France, and Ben ends up in the clutches of Zombozo, who hypnotizes him into being unable to speak.
104 24 "Don’t Touch" Michelle Miller Jenn Strickland and Ryan Kramer February 3, 2019 (UK) June 29, 2019 TBA 0.45[135]
Team Tennyson checks out a Samurai Museum in Tokyo. However, Ben finally comes face-to-face with the Forever Knight when he steals a valuable sword from the museum and starts a chase across the rooftops.
105 25 "Big in Japan" Joshua Sky Marko Bajic, Lasha Tamae and Eleisiya Arocha February 4, 2019 (UK) July 6, 2019 TBA 0.27[136]
Tim Buktu returns, seemingly reformed after saving people from a dragon in the streets of Tokyo. But the Tennysons suspect there's more to Tim's actions than meets the eye.
106 26 "Cyber Slammers" A.J. Marchisello Chelsea McAlarney and Henrique Jardim March 16, 2019 (Poland) July 6, 2019 TBA 0.27[136]
In front of a biggie box in Japan, Ben waits in an eternally long line for the release of Cyber Slammers, the brand new Sumo Slammers video game. Soon Ben has to save the whole store - and not in front of the gaming enthusiastic customers, but before Steam Smythe, who wants to equip a big Mech-suit with Steam Punk powers.
107 27 "Big Ben 10" Sean Geraghty Eleisiya Arocha and Ryan Kramer March 17, 2019 (Poland) July 13, 2019 TBA 0.48[137]
While Ben and his family visit the Big Ben Clock tower, the Bugg Brothers once again set up a crazy plan: they want to shrink Big Ben's bell to steal it!
108 28 "LaGrange Murraille" Colin McLaughlin André LaMilza and Kelly Turnbull March 19, 2019 (Poland) July 13, 2019 TBA 0.48[137]
Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max walk along the Great Wall of China, but almost have their adventure spoiled by racers LaGrange and Vin Ethanol, who want to try a daredevil jump over the wall.
109 29 "Lickety Split" Ross Zimmerman André LaMilza, April Amezquita, and Martina Ginofriddo July 4, 2019 (UK) July 20, 2019 TBA 0.30[138]
When a mysterious electrical storm downs the Omni-Copter at the Equator, Team Tennyson soon discovers Solar & Polar are behind it, but when Ben accidentally combines the two into a more powerful Uni-Twin, our hero must think fast if he is going to save the planet.
110 30 "The Claws of the Cat" Janis Robertson André LaMilza and John Martinez July 22, 2019 (UK) July 20, 2019 TBA 0.30[138]
While taking in the sights and sounds of a Rio de Jenaro music festival, Ben bristles at Gwen's suggestion that she be his new sidekick, but when the festival is threaten by the strong supersonic waves of Lord Decibel, our hero must lean on help from Gwen and Max in order to defeat him.
112 31
32 "Roundabout" Marcus Rinehart and A.J. Marchisello Josh Kim, Sarah Visel, André LaMilza, and John Martinez July 25, 2019 (UK)
July 26, 2019 (UK) September 21, 2019 TBA 0.43[139]
Forever Knight finally assembles his Round Table of young but powerful Knights, including Ben, in order to conquer all of history.
This is meant to be the season three finale
3. évad 15. epizód Bridge Out
113 33 "Cirque Us" Cecil Castellucci Josh Kim and Sarah Visel July 12, 2019 (UK) September 28, 2019 TBA 0.41[140]
Ben is the guest of honor at an upcoming Gala, but when the cirque entertainment turns out to be a disguised Zombozo, Ben must not only defeat the evil clown but his mysterious new sidekick, Pirouette!
3. évad 16. epizód Isten hozot Zombóziába
114 34 "Forever Road" Marcus Rinehart Davin Cheng and Kelly Turnbull July 15, 2019 (UK) September 28, 2019 TBA 0.41[141]
During a drag race, Ben hopes to stay neck and neck with Vin Ethanol and La Grange as XLR8, but when his watch keeps shorting out, our hero must get creative if he is to keep up with his fast and furious foes.
====== 3. évad 17. epizód Big in Japan ======
115 35 "The Bentathlon" Marcus Rinehart Benjamin Lane July 16, 2019 (UK) October 5, 2019 TBA 0.36[142]
====== 3. évad 18. epizód Az erdő őre ======
After stuffing their faces with gyros, Team Tennyson visit to Greece in the Omni-Copter, but when they are suddenly captured by the Forever Knight mid-flight, Ben ends up in a coliseum, where he is pitted against old foes: Iron Kyle, Queen Bee, and the Ground Hawgs!
====== 3. évad 19. epizód Franken - Fight ======
116 36 "Prey or Play" Julia Edelman Eleisiya Arocha and Chelsea McAlarney July 23, 2019 (UK) October 5, 2019 TBA 0.36[142]
====== 3. évad 20 . epizód Bajkeverő bogarak ======
After receiving an exclusive ticket to Adrenaland, Ben leaves behind Grandpa Max and Gwen to enjoy the perks of being the parks only attendant, but when he learns he’s not alone, our hero must now contend with Billy Billions, the only kid who could afford the park's price of admission.
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117 37 "Beware the Scare-Crow" Ross McKie Josh Kim and Sarah Visel July 17, 2019 (UK) October 12, 2019 TBA 0.42[143]
During a visit to the farm of Penny Bennyson's grandfather, Team Tennyson is haunted by a living scarecrow, but when Ben discovers that Aristocrow is behind it all, our hero must defeat Aristocrow's master, Steam Smythe, if he is to save his cousin's farm.
118 38 "The Night Ben Tennyson Came to Town" Jonathan Browning Benjamin P. Carow and Kelly Turnbull July 19, 2019 (UK) October 12, 2019 TBA 0.42[143]
Team Tennyson travels to Wheeler, “the liveliest mining town on Route 66”, but when Ben becomes paranoid that the Forever Knight is out to get him, he must try to convince his family while also stopping his new foe from destroying the town.
119 39 "And Xingo Was His Name-O" Omar Spahi Benjamin Lane July 18, 2019 (UK) October 19, 2019 TBA 0.45[144]
When a new Xingo app mysteriously appears on Gwen's tablet, Ben activates it despite his cousin's disapproval, springing a trap that transports Ben in the animated world and Xingo into the real world.
120 40 "Fear in the Family" Janis Robertson Eleisiya Arocha and Chelsea McAlarney July 24, 2019 (UK) October 19, 2019 TBA 0.45[144]
Ben and Gwen can’t wait for the Omni-Copter to arrive at the Great Pyramids, but when bad weather disrupts their flight, they soon come face-to-face with the Fogg and its offspring.
121 41 "Xingo Nation" Sean Aitchison Benjamin P. Carow and Kelly Turnbull October 1, 2019 (UK) October 26, 2019 TBA 0.45[145]
Kevin gives Xingo a power up – setting him loose to wreak havoc on other TV shows – and it is up to Ben to stop them both.
122 42 "Heads of the Family" Marcus Rinehart Benjamin Lane October 2, 2019 (UK) October 26, 2019 TBA 0.45[145]
Team Tennyson stops in at a fringe family reunion, and Ben encounters a whole lot more than kooky cousins— namely, Kevin and the Bugg Brothers, whose latest invention sparks a series of head-swaps between all parties.
123 43 "My Bodyguard" Tanner Marchisello Eleisiya Arocha and Chelsea McAlarney October 3, 2019 (UK) November 2, 2019 TBA 0.38[146]
When Zombozo hypnotizes Grandpa Max's baking class, it is up to Ben and Gwen to clean up the mess, but it gets even messier when Zombozo reveals that Kevin has become his new bodyguard.
124 44 "Wheels of Fortune" A.J. Marchisello André LaMilza and John Martinez October 4, 2019 (UK) November 2, 2019 TBA 0.39[146]
Team Tennyson's thrift store shopping is ruined by the latest high-speed heist of LaGrange — who is now aided by a super-fast electromagnetic racing car — and Ben must convince Kevin 11 to help stop the speed demon's globetrotting robbing spree.
125 45 "Heat of the Moment" Joseph Kelly Josh Kim and Sarah Visel October 7, 2019 (UK) November 9, 2019 TBA 0.43[147]
After Ben easily dispatches the Weatherheads, Team Tennyson travels to a ski resort for some fun in the snow, but when Ben runs into the Weatherheads yet again, this time they are a force to reckon with now that Kevin has used his powers to unlock their emotional controls.
126 46 "Vin Diagram" Kelly Turnbull Benjamin P. Carow and Turnbull October 8, 2019 (UK) November 9, 2019 TBA 0.40[147]
When Ben finds out that Kevin and Vin Ethanol have teamed up, he becomes jealous, and especially worried that Kevin will try to have his friend embrace his bad side.
127 47 "A Sticky Situation" Jason Katzenstein Benjamin Lane October 9, 2019 (UK) November 16, 2019 TBA 0.42[148]
While Ben wants to stop Queen Bee from robbing a bank, Kevin also decides to show up, wanting to bask in the glory Ben gets as a hero.
128 48 "What Rhymes With Omnitrix?" Chelsea McAlarney Eleisiya Arocha and McAlarney October 10, 2019 (UK) November 16, 2019 TBA 0.38[148]
When Charmcaster and Kevin end up in a poetry convention, Kevin's emo poems combined with Charmcaster's amulet (which she received from her uncle) gives her immense magical power and now seeks payback on Gwen.
129 49 "You Remind Me of Someone" Michelle Miller André LaMilza and John Martinez October 11, 2019 (UK) November 23, 2019 TBA 0.31[149]
After an encounter with the Forgeti, Ben and Kevin end up with the others' phones, causing Ben to turn into a selfish punk and Kevin into a hero. However, have they truly changed alignments or are their real personalities ready to resurface?
130 50 "Adrenaland Jr." Rob Kutner Joshua Kim and Sarah Visel October 14, 2019 (UK) November 23, 2019 TBA 0.30[149]
Team Tennyson visits Adrenaland Jr., a more safe version of Adrenaland. But when Kevin appears, Ben has to stop him before he destroys the park.
131 51 "Steam Fight at the OK Corral" Aldo Pisano Benjamin P. Carow and Kelly Turnbull October 15, 2019 (UK) November 30, 2019 TBA 0.23[150]
When Kevin convinces Steam Smythe to adopt a modern approach in fighting Ben, our young hero must resort to old-fashioned thinking to save the day.
132 52 "I Don't Like You"