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| 4181.
| 1.
| Omni-Copped
| 2019. március 11.<ref name="mentrum-cn-2019marcius">{{cite web|url=https://mentrum.hu/2019/02/a-cartoon-network-marciusi-ujdonsagai/|title=A Cartoon Network márciusi újdonságai|work=Mentrum|date=2019-02-03|accessdate=2019-02-03}}</ref>
| 4282.
| 2.
| This One Goes to 11
| '''EnyémÚj lehet?hősök, régi ellenségek'''
| JosephJoe KellyCasey
| {{zászló|UK}} 20172019. októberjanuár 327. <br /> {{zászló|USA}} 20182019. február 1923.
| 2019. március 11.<ref name="mentrum-cn-2019marcius"/>
| 2017. október 24.
| 4383.
| 3.
| Rath of Con
| '''Harc a Nagyzsákban'''
| A.J. Marchisello
| Duncan Rouleau
| {{zászló|UK}} 20172019. októberjanuár 429. <br /> {{zászló|USA}} 20182019. februármárcius 262.
| 2017. november 1.
1 "Omni-Copped" Andrew Stewart and Kelly Turnbull January 26, 2019 (UK) February 23, 2019[nb 15] 181 0.61[124]
When Grandpa Max's engineer buddy Phil Billings gifts Team Tennyson the Omni-Copter, a vehicle that can transport the Rustbucket for overseas adventures, Steam Smythe takes to the skies to ground Ben and company's first test flight; but unbeknownst to our heroes, Smythe was sent to battle Ben's latest alien forms by a mysterious, powerful enemy.
82 2 "This One Goes to 11" Joe Casey Benjamin Lane January 27, 2019 (UK) February 23, 2019[nb 16] 182 0.62[124]
Before the Tennyson family embarks on their global road trip, Ben decides to make one last stop at the toy store, but encounters his old bully Kevin Levin, who has developed his own knockoff Omnitrix (the Antitrix) complete with corrupted versions of Ben's aliens. When Ben attempts to get revenge for the years of bullying Kevin put him through, he clashes with Kevin's version of Cannonbolt: Wrecking Bolt.
83 3 "Rath of Con" A.J. Marchisello Ryan Kramer and Jenn Strickland January 29, 2019 (UK) March 2, 2019[nb 16] 184 0.68[125]
Back stateside, Ben can't get into a cat cosplay competition, Top Tail, without a cat costume of his own; but when he goes Rath, a new cat-like alien with an attitude, Ben's newfound wild side quickly becomes much more than he bargained for, and must learn to hold in his rage.
84 4 "Poles Apart" Tanner Marchisello Benjamin Lane February 1, 2019 (UK) March 2, 2019[nb 16] 187 0.68[125]
When Ben, Gwen, and Max try to travel to the South Pole, magnetic disturbances cause the instruments to malfunction and take them to the North Pole instead, where they find that two criminal scientist brothers, Polar and Solar Twain, have plans to swap the magnetic poles of the Earth, unleashing technologic and atmospheric disturbance unless the world pays a ransom.