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(→‎Last call: Válasz)
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::One thing I found, that if I write a text with <code>code at the end, I could not step out from it.</code>
::I realized later, that the new line (enter) breaks this syntax, but it is annoying if you don't find it out. [[User:Samat|Samat]] <sup>[[User vita:Samat|üzenetrögzítő]]</sup> 2020. június 11., 22:46 (CEST)
:::Hello, [[Szerkesztő:Samat|Samat]]. I use <code>code</code> formatting a lot myself. The same key stroke that <code>puts you in</code> will get you out. You can <code>also</code> use the character formatting menu (the <u>'''''A'''''</u>) to turn it off. Although it's possible, and you found a workaround, it's not as easy as it could be. I've filed [[phab:T255304]] to see whether they can make it easier. [[Szerkesztő:Whatamidoing (WMF)|Whatamidoing (WMF)]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Whatamidoing (WMF)|vita]]</sup> 2020. június 12., 21:14 (CEST)
::An other thing, that the floating pop-up button of the Growth experiments' ''help panel'' often covers the Reply button, and it happened several times that I clicked on it instead of the Reply button. But this is more a problem which comes from the Growth experiments, and both are new features only for opt-in contributors, therefore it does not effect too many editors and I expect the issue will be solved in the future. [[User:Samat|Samat]] <sup>[[User vita:Samat|üzenetrögzítő]]</sup> 2020. június 11., 22:52 (CEST)
:::I've not opted into that, so I don't see the Growth panel. Is this related to [[phab:T219966]] but not the same? [[User:Trizek (WMF)]], could you click the link in my first comment in this section, and see if the Growth experiment interferes? [[Szerkesztő:Whatamidoing (WMF)|Whatamidoing (WMF)]] <sup>[[Szerkesztővita:Whatamidoing (WMF)|vita]]</sup> 2020. június 12., 21:09 (CEST)