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| következő = [[Son of a Gun]]<br>(2001)
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}}A '''''Someone to Call My Lover''''' [[Janet Jackson]] [[USA|amerikai]] énekesnő kislemeze ''[[All for You]]'' című albumáról. [[2001]]-ben jelent meg.
A dal részletet használ fel az [[America (együttes)|America]] 1972-es ''[[Ventura Highway]]'' című slágeréből és [[Erik Satie]] ''[[Gymnopédie|Gymnopédie No. 1]]'' című szerzeményéből, 3/4-es helyett 4/4-es tempóban. Jackson már évek óta kereste ez utóbbi szerzeményt, mert emlékezett rá, hogy hallotta egy reklámban. Körülbelül hét évvel később hallotta egy boltban, ahol odaadták neki a CD-t, amin szerepelt a dal, Jimmy Jam pedig Janet kérésére megírta belőle a ''Someone to Call My Lover''t.<ref>[http://music.yahoo.com/library/default.asp?m=content&add=news&i=12051318& Janet Jackson on the Creation of 'Someone to Call My Lover']</ref>
Released in 2001, the song was co-written and co-produced by Jackson, [[Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis|Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis]]. Its looped guitar riff is sampled from [[America (band)|America]]'s 1972 hit "[[Ventura Highway]]". The loop played throughout the chorus is an interpolation of "[[Gymnopédie|Gymnopédie No. 1]]" by French classical composer [[Erik Satie]], played in 4/4 time instead of the original 3/4. Jackson had searched for years for the catchy Satie track. "When I was a little girl and I used to come home from school, there was something called "The 3:30 Movie", and they used to play the [[Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer|MGM]] Musicals. There was a commercial. I remember watching ''[[Singin' in the Rain (film)|Singin' in the Rain]]'' and there was a commercial with the lady all in white, and I don't know if it was for Dove or something like that, but they would play this, 'Da, da , da.' It was the [[Erik Satie]]. I never knew who the composer was, and this song never left me."
A dal arról szól, hogy Janet új kapcsolatot keres, miután előző kapcsolata véget ért (ebben az időben vált el férjétől, [[René Elizondo|René Elizondótól]]).
Jackson said she came across the tune again about seven years later: "I was at [[Ralph Lauren]] and I said, 'Oh, my God! Is this the radio or is this a CD?' I said, 'Please tell me it's a CD.' They said, 'It's a CD--well, actually it's a [[Ralph Lauren]] CD and we don't have it anymore. I was like, 'Oh God...no,' and they gave me the CD."
Jackson said, "I took it straight to Jimmy [Jam] and said, 'Jimmy, I've just got to share this with you,' and he saw my passion and my love for it. He didn't take the actual song, but he kind of put his own flavor to it in 'Someone To Call My Lover,' which takes me back to my childhood."<ref>[http://music.yahoo.com/library/default.asp?m=content&add=news&i=12051318& Janet Jackson On The Creation Of 'Someone To Call My Lover']</ref>
A dal a 3. helyig jutott az Egyesült Államokban a [[Billboard Hot 100]]-on. A rádióváltozatot egyidőben adták ki a ''So So Def Remix'' változattal, mely Jackson első együttműködése volt későbbi partnerével, [[Jermaine Dupri]]val.
The single peaked at number three in the [[United States]]. The single was released to [[radio]] and [[music video]] outlets simultaneously in two versions: the radio version (which was an edited version of the album cut) was released to pop markets, and the "[[So So Def]] Remix", Jackson's first collaboration with her future boyfriend [[Jermaine Dupri]], was released to R&B markets.
A dalt [[Grammy-díj]]ra jelölték [[2002]]-ben, de a díjat [[Nelly Furtado]] ''[[I’m Like a Bird]]'' című száma nyerte el.
The song's title is self explanatory; it is about a woman looking for someone to be her [[boyfriend]], after ending a steady relationship ("''"Back on the road again/feeling kinda lonely and/Looking for the right guy/to be mine"''). At the time of recording, Jackson had just divorced her longtime husband, [[René Elizondo]], after nearly ten years of [[marriage]]. "Someone to Call My Lover", and several of the other songs on the ''All for You'' album, use Jackson's divorce and re-emergence into single life as central themes.
While working on the remixes for the song, Jackson coincidentally found "someone to call her lover". [[Jermaine Dupri]] had been commissioned to create a remix for the song, and in the process pursued Jackson romantically. Newly divorced, Jackson initially resisted his attempts. However, he eventually won her over, and within two years they were steadily dating.
Jackson received a [[Grammy]] nomination for [[Best Female Pop Vocal Performance]] in 2002, losing to "[[I'm Like a Bird]]" by [[Nelly Furtado]].
==Videoklip és remixek==
Directed by [[Francis Lawrence]], the video starts with a jukebox loading to play the song. The music begins with Jackson driving singing the first verse and chorus with a mysterious stranger walking down the road. During the second verse, she is performing in a field. By the bridge of the song, Jackson, wearing a green dress, is walking in a bar. There are lot of activities going on. People are playing cards and arcarde games, and dancing. By the B-Section, she is sitting on the jukebox with a different outfit change. This takes us to another chorus when she is dancing with the patrons of the bar. Towards the end of the song, she is outside in her original outfit that continuously switches back-and-forth from the bar and her outside. At the end of the video, she is hitching a ride from a red car. The So So Def Remix video is the same as the album version but contains [[Jermaine Dupri]]'s rapped vocals. He also appears in alternate scenes.-->