„A Gibb fivérek által írt dalok listája” változatai közötti eltérés

* Spicks and Specks (Barry Gibb) ([[1966]]) megjelent: [[Monday's Rain / Spicks and Specks]], [[Rare, Precious & Beautiful]], [[Best of Bee Gees]], [[Melody (album)]], [[Tales from The Brothers Gibb]], [[Brilliant From Birth]], [[The Record]], [[All Time Greatest Hits]], [[BBC – Words And Music]], [[Bee Gees (Amiga)]], [[Bee Gees (Time album)]], [[Bee Gees 20 Greatest Hits]], [[Bee Gees Best]], [[Bee Gees Big Chance]], [[Bee Gees Bonanza]], [[Bee Gees Bonanza Vol2]], [[Bee Gees Forever Classic]], [[Bee Gees Perfect]], [[Bee Gees Perfect Series]], [[Bee Gees Startrack Vol. 13]], [[Best of Bee Gees (tajvani)]], [[Best of The Bee Gees (francia)]], [[Birth of Brilliance]], [[Goldene Serie International]], [[In The Beginning]], [[Inception / Nostalgia]], [[Spicks & Specks: 26 Songs from the Early Days]], [[The Bee Gees (Supraphon)]], [[The Complete Hit-Album]], [[The Scope of The Bee Gees]], [[This Is How We Started]], [[To Be or Not to Be]], [[To Perfection]], [[Tomorrow The World]], [[Ultimate Collection]], [[Claustrophobia]], [[Bee Gees Classic Years]], [[Bee Gees 26 Golden Oldies]], [[Merchants Of Dream]], [[Strange Brew]], [[The Great Bee Gees]], [[The 60s Collection]], [[Best of the Early Years]], [[Follow The Wind]], [[Bee Gees Pop Legends]], [[Bee Gees 1963–1966]], [[Bee Gees 2CD Box]], [[The Three Kisses Of Love]], [[Bee Gees Collection 25 Songs]], [[Bee Gees Success Story]]
* Spirit Of The Snow (Maurice Gibb) ([[1982]]) nem jelent meg
* Spirits (Having Flown) (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1978]]) megjelent: [[Spirits Having Flown]], [[Spirits Having Flown Demos]], [[Bee Gees Greatest]], [[Bee Gees Halloween]], [[MTV History]], [[Años dorados 1975–19801975-1980]], [[Bee Gees (Német)]]
* Spread Your Wings (For Your Love) (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb)(1986) megjelent: Carola: ''Runaway'' [[1986]]
* Starcrossed Lovers (Barry Gibb, Ashley Gibb) ([[2004]]) nem jelent meg
* Stay Alone (Barry Gibb, Bitzer) ([[1982]]) megjelent: [[Barry Gibb]]: [[Now Voyager]]
* Stayin' Alive (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1977]]) megjelent: [[Saturday Night Fever (album)]], [[Bee Gees Greatest]], [[Staying Alive]], [[Tales from The Brothers Gibb]] [[The Very Best of The Bee Gees]], [[Bee Gees Story]], [[One Night Only]], [[The Record]], [[Bee Gees Number Ones]], [[16 Greatest Hits]], [[An Audience With The Bee Gees]], [[Años dorados 1975–19801975-1980]], [[Bee Gees (Amiga)]], [[Bee Gees (Német)]], [[Bee Gees Greatest Programa Especial Para Radio]], [[Bee Gees History]], [[Gold and Diamonds]], [[In The Studio]], [[Instrumental And Other Rarities]], [[MTV History]], [[Taratata]], [[The Bee Gees Brothers With Others]], [[The Complete Hit-Album]], [[Twenty-two Hits of The Bee Gees]], [[The Complete Storytellers]], [[Bee Gees Success Story]]
* Still Waters Run Deep (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1995]]) megjelent: [[Still Waters]], [[Please Welcome Bee Gees Live on TV]], [[The Complete Storytellers]], [[The Fantastic Bee Gees]]
* Stop (Think Again) (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1978]]) megjelent: [[Spirits Having Flown]], [[Spirits Having Flown Demos]]
* Suddenly (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1968]]) megjelent: [[Odessa]], [[Bee Gees Tour Souvenir]], [[Lo Mejor De Bee Gees Vol. 2]], [[Bee Gees Golden Double Album]], [[Bee Gees Starportrait International]], [[Maurice In The Lead]]
* Summer Ends (Barry Gibb) ([[1970]]) megjelent: [[The Kid's No Good]]
* Sun In My Morning (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb) ([[1969]]) megjelent kislemezen a ''Tomorrow Tomorrow'' B oldalán [[1969]], [[Tales from The Brothers Gibb]], [[Bee Gees Greatest Volume 1 1967–19741967-1974 ]], [[Bee Gees Rare Collection]]
* Surfer Boy (Barry Gibb) ([[1963]]) megjelent: Noeleen Batley kislemezén [[1964]], [[Earliest Bee Gees With And By Others]]
* Susan (Maurice Gibb) ([[1970]]) nem jelent meg
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