„A Gibb fivérek által írt dalok listája” változatai közötti eltérés

* Mando Bay (Barry Gibb) ([[1970]]) megjelent: [[The Kid's No Good]], [[The Bee Gees Greatest Outtakes]]
* Marley Purt Drive (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1968]]) megjelent: [[Odessa]], [[Barry Gibb]]: [[Hawks (Barry Gibb)]], [[Bee Gees Success Story]]
* Massachusetts (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1967]]) megjelent: [[Horizontal]], [[Best of Bee Gees]], [[Here at Last… Bee Gees… Live]], [[Tales from The Brothers Gibb]], [[The Very Best of The Bee Gees]], [[Bee Gees Story]], [[One Night Only]], [[The Record]], [[Bee Gees Number Ones]], [[The Studio Albums 1967–1968]], [[A Arte De Bee Gees]], [[Taratata]], [[An Audience With The Bee Gees]], [[In Their Own Time]], [[All Time Greatest Hits]], [[Bee Gees Best]], [[Bee Gees Best (Polydor)]], [[Bee Gees 20 Greatest Hits]], [[Bee Gees Golden Double Album]], [[Bee Gees Perfect]], [[King Biscuit Flower Hour]], [[The Bee Gees (Supraphon)]], [[Bee Gees Best Album]], [[Serie Autografo de Exitos]], [[Midnight Specials]], [[Bee Gees Love Hits]], [[To Perfection]], [[My World]], [[Massachusetts (album)]], [[In the Morning]], [[Best of The Bee Gees (francia)]], [[Best of Bee Gees (tajvani)]], [[Bee Gees Startrack Vol. 13]], [[Bee Gees Perfect Series]], [[Bee Gees Gold Vol. 1]], [[Bee Gees (Amiga)]], [[The Scope of The Bee Gees]], [[Bee Gees The Best!]], [[Goldene Serie International]], [[The Complete Hit-Album]], [[Los Mas Grandes Exitos De Los Ańos '60]], [[Bee Gees Golden Album]], [[Bee Gees (Német)]], [[Bee Gees Tour Souvenir]], [[Le Disque D’or Des Bee Gees]], [[Portrait of The Bee Gees]], [[Gold and Diamonds]], [[Bee Gees Starportrait International]], [[MTV History]], [[AñosBee doradosGees 1975Greatest Volume 1 1967-19801974 ]], [[Twenty-two Hits of The Bee Gees]], [[Bee Gees History]], [[In The Studio]], [[Taratata]], [[Midnight Specials]], [[The Bee Gees Brothers With Others]], [[The Complete Storytellers]], [[Merchants Of Dream]], [[Strange Brew]], [[A Popularidade de Bee Gees]], [[Bee Gees Success Story]]
* Maybe Tomorrow (Barry, Robin és Maurice Gibb) ([[1970]]) nem jelent meg
* Maypole Mews (Barry Gibb) ([[1968]]) megjelent David Garrick lemezén [[1969]], [[Earliest Bee Gees With And By Others]]
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