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**"''Elektra''" short story from ''Bizarre Adventures'' Magazine #28 (1981)
**''[[What If (comics)|What If...?]]'' #28 (1981) (co-writer: [[Mike W. Barr]]) (also art)
**''What If...If…?'' #35 (1982) (also art)
*''[[Marvel Team-Up]]'' Annual #4 (1981) (art by [[Herb Trimpe]] and [[Mike Esposito]])
::(the only time Miller ever wrote [[Spider-Man]], teaming him up with Daredevil, [[Moon Knight]], [[Luke Cage|Power Man]] and [[Iron Fist (comics)|Iron Fist]] against [[The Kingpin]] and [[The Purple Man]].)
*"''What if Daredevil Were Deaf?''" one-page joke in ''What If...If…?'' #34 (1982) (also art)
*''[[Elektra: Assassin]]'' (1986) (art by [[Bill Sienkiewicz]]) (8 issues) (also trade paperback ISBN 0-87135-309-1)
*''Daredevil: Love and War'' (1986) (art by [[Bill Sienkiewicz]]) ([[graphic novel]] ISBN 0-87135-172-2)
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