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In 2005, the state issued a specialty license plate via the Nevada Commission on Tourism that lists the name of the state as '''Nevăda''' to help with the pronunciation problem. The local pronunciation of the state's name is not /nəˈvɑ.də/ (as in the "a" in "father"), but /nəˈvæ.də/ (as in the "a" in "glad").<ref>Although the name is derived from the Spanish word ''Nevada'', which is the feminine form of "covered in snow," it is common for Spanish-derived place names in the United States to be no longer pronounced by native English speakers in a manner which reflects the name's Spanish roots (the pronunciation of the name "Los Angeles," for instance, is commonly accepted as "Los An-JELL-es" not "Los An-HELL-es" by native English speakers).</ref> Local residents - particularly natives of the state - resent hearing Nevada's name mispronounced in the national media, a problem that has crystallized with increased coverage of the state following the 2008 Presidential Primary Elections.<ref>{{cite news | last = Griffith | first = Martin | title = It's Nuh-VAD-uh, not Nuh-VAH-duh | publisher = [http://www.lvrj.com Las Vegas Review-Journal] | date = 2008-01-18 | url = http://www.lvrj.com/news/13891262.html | accessdate = 2008-01-31}}</ref>
== GeographyFöldrajz ==
[[Image:GreatMap Basinof NationalNevada Park 102007 096NA.JPGpng|left|thumb|195px|left|Welcome to Nevada sign.térképe]]
[[Image:Digital-elevation-map-nevada.gif|thumb|155px|Digitally colored elevation map of Nevada]]
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Nevada is almost entirely within the [[Basin and Range Province]], and is broken up by many north-south mountain ranges. Most of these ranges have inland-draining (unconnected to the ocean by waterways) valleys between them, which belies the image portrayed by the term [[Great Basin]].
[[Image:Great Basin National Park 102007 015.JPG|left|thumb|195px|Pinion Juniper forests cover large areas of the north and central parts of the state.]]
The largest mountain range in the southern portion of the state is the [[Spring Mountains]], just west of Las Vegas. The state's lowest point is along the Colorado River, south of Laughlin.
Nevada is made up of mostly desert areas, where temperatures can reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in short, hot summers and can reach as low as 20 degrees in long, cold winters. Nevada rarely has any precipitation during the year. Most rain falls on the lee side of the Sierra Nevada Range.
=== Bordering states Éghajlat===
Nevadának [[sivatagi éghajlat|sivatagi éghajlata]] van. A nyár forró, s a hőmérő higanyszála felszaladhat 43,3 Celsius fokik, s télen - 6,5 Celsius fokig. Az év folyamán a csapadék az egész állam területén kevés.
* [[Utah]]—East
===Határos államok ===
* [[Arizona]]—Southeast
* Keleten [[Utah]], délkeleten [[Arizona]], nyugaton [[Kalifornia]], északon [[Oregon]] és [[Idaho]] határolják.
* [[California]]—West
* [[Oregon]]—North
* [[Idaho]]—North
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