Csatlakozott ekkor: 2006. március 4.
nincs szerkesztési összefoglaló
Nincs szerkesztési összefoglaló
Nincs szerkesztési összefoglaló
Unfortunately I don't speak Hungarian, but I noticed that someone wrote extensively about French cooking :-) Even ELZÁSZI KUGLÓF was mentioned !
Is there anything else I can do ? Cheers, [[User:Ji-Elle|Ji-Elle]] 2006. április 26., 21:07 (CEST)
Wouldn't recommend this either :-) but I enjoyed it...
By the way, 3 nice people welcomed me as I checked in here, which had never happened elsewhere.
So I started doing a couple of French cities in my area (Nancy, Bar-le-Duc), then I noticed that all data on French cities and villages had been generated automatically in Dutch, Italian, Polish and Russian (with slight differences).
Could some robot do this in Hungarian as well ? I could add some pictures and additional material. [[User:Ji-Elle|Ji-Elle]] 2006. május 8., 11:19 (CEST)