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-->{{#if: {{{editor|}}} | &rft.contributor={{urlencode:{{{editor}}}}} }}<!-- An entity responsible for making contributions to the content of the resource. Examples of Contributor include a person, an organization, or a service.
-->&rft.title={{urlencode:{{{title|}}}}}<!-- A name given to the resource.
-->{{#if: {{{url|}}} | &rft.identifier={{urlencode:{{{url}}}}} }}<!-- URL
-->{{#if: {{{format|}}} | &rft.format={{urlencode:{{{format}}}}} }}<!-- The physical or digital manifestation of the resource... may include the media-type or dimensions of the resource.
-->{{#if: {{{encyclopedia|}}} | &rft.source={{urlencode:{{{encyclopedia}}}}} }}<!-- A Reference to a resource from which the present resource is derived.
-->{{#if: {{{edition|}}} | &rft.edition={{urlencode:{{{edition}}}}} }}<!-- Statement of the edition of the book. This will usually be a phrase, with or without numbers, but may be a single number, e.g. "First edition", "4th ed."
-->{{#if: {{{volume|}}} | &rft.volume={{urlencode:{{{volume}}}}} }}<!-- Volume designation usually expressed as a number but could be roman numerals or non-numeric, i.e. "124", or "VI".
-->{{#if: {{{publisher|}}} | &rft.publisher={{urlencode:{{{publisher}}}}} }}<!-- An entity responsbile for making the resource available... person, an organization, or a service.
-->{{#if: {{{location|}}} | &rft.place={{urlencode:{{{location}}}}} }}<!-- Place of publication. "New York"
-->{{#if: {{{pages|}}} | &rft.pages={{urlencode:{{{pages}}}}} }}<!-- Start and end pages for parts (of a book), i.e. "124-147"
-->{{#if: {{{date|}}}
| &rft.date={{urlencode:{{{date}}}}}
| {{#if: {{{year|}}} | &rft.date={{urlencode:{{{year}}}}} }} }}<!-- A date of an event in the lifecycle of the resource... typically the creation or availability of the resource. (ISO 8601)
-->{{#if: {{{doi|}}} | &rft_id=info:doi/{{urlencode:{{{doi}}}}} }}<!-- DOI
-->{{#if: {{{isbn|}}} | &rft.isbn={{{isbn}}} }}<!-- International Standard Book Number (ISBN) ... i.e. "057117678X" but it may contain hyphens, e.g. "1-878067-73-7"
-->{{#if: {{{oclc|}}} | &rft_id=info:oclcnum/{{{oclc}}} }}<!--
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