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Special care needs to be taken with biographies of living people, especially when it comes to handling unsourced, or poorly sourced claims about the subject. Editors working on such articles need to know and understand the extra restrictions that are laid out at [[WP:Biographies of living people]].
== TalkingVitázás andés editingszerkesztés ==
''[[Wikipedia:Be bold in updating pages|Be bold in updating articles]], especially for minor changes and fixing problems''. Previous authors do not need to be consulted before making changes: [[WP:OWN|nobody owns articles]]. If you see a problem that you can fix, do so. Discussion is, however, called for if someone indicates disagreement with your edit (either by reverting your edit and/or raising an issue on the talk page). A [[Wikipedia:BOLD, revert, discuss cycle|BOLD, revert, discuss cycle]] is used on many pages where changes might often be contentious. Boldness should not mean trying to impose edits against [[WP:CONSENSUS|existing consensus]] or in violation of core policies, such as [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|Neutral point of view]] and [[Wikipedia:Verifiability|Verifiability]].
===BeLégy helpfulsegítőkész: explainmagyarázz===
''Be helpful: explain your changes''. When you edit an article, the more radical or controversial the change, the greater the need to explain it. Be sure to leave a comment about ''why'' you made the change. Try to use an appropriate [[Help:Edit summary|edit summary]]. For larger or more significant changes, the edit summary may not give you enough space to fully explain the edit – in this case leave a note on the [[Wikipedia:Talk page|article's talk page]] as well. Remember too that notes on the talk page are more visible, make misunderstandings less likely and encourage discussion rather than [[WP:EW|edit warring]].
===Légy óvatos a nagy horderejű változtatásokkal: vitázz===
===Be cautious with major changes: discuss===
''Be cautious with major changes: consider discussing them first.'' With large proposed deletions or replacements, it may be best to suggest changes in a discussion, to prevent [[WP:EW|edit warring]] and disillusioning either other editors or yourself (if your hard work is rejected by others). One person's improvement is another's desecration, and nobody likes to see their work "destroyed" without prior notice. If you choose to be very bold, take extra care to justify your changes in detail on the article talk page. This will make it less likely that editors will end up reverting the article back and forth between their preferred versions. To facilitate discussion of a substantial change without filling up the talk page, you can create the new draft in [[Wikipedia:User page|your own userspace]] (eg [[User:Example/Lipsum]]) and link to it on the article discussion page.
===ButDe a – WikipediaWikipédia is not anem discussionegy forumvitafórum===
Whether you decide to edit very boldly or discuss carefully on the talk page first, please bear in mind that Wikipedia is not a discussion forum. Wikipedia can be a very energetic place, and it is best for the project as a whole if we concentrate our energies on improving articles rather than debating our personal ideas and beliefs. This is discussed further at [[Wikipedia:Etiquette]].
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