„Tarsem Singh” változatai közötti eltérés

This commercial, directed by Singh, is one of the more elaborate [[Pepsi]] commercials to date. It combines a gladiator theme with the [[hard rock]] [[Queen (band)|Queen]]'s "[[We Will Rock You]]". The stars involved in this commercial include [[Enrique Iglesias]] in the Europe/US version and [[Amr Diab]] in the Middle East version. In Enrique's version, he plays the role of an emperor hoarding Pepsi, [[Britney Spears]], [[Alecia Beth Moore]] (Pink) and [[Beyonce Knowles]], all playing similar roles of gladiators about to engage in combat for the emperor's and crowd's enjoyment. Ultimately the gladiators turn against the emperor and throw him from his seat. On the other hand, Amr Diab's version show the gladiators being attacked by a lion after the emperor realized their intentions. Tarsem was commended within the "Making of the Pepsi Commercial" video on several occasions by Beyonce Knowles, Enrique Iglesias, Amr Diab and Pink.<ref name="Making the Video of Pepsi Commercial">[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSHC9lqh9DY "Making the Video of Pepsi Commercial"]</ref>
== FilmographyFilmográfia ==
* ''[[The Brothers Grimm: Snow White]]'' (2012)
* ''[[Immortals (2011 film)|Immortals]]'' (2011)
* ''[[TheA Fall (2006 film)|The Fallzuhanás]]'' (2006)
* ''[[The Cell]]'' (2000)