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Csatlakozott ekkor: 2008. március 28.

A few things about meSzerkesztés

I'm not really a people person, but I would talk to anyone who will listen.

I am female.

I don't put up with rude people, and will be rude back if need be.

I have a temper.

I don't talk to weird creepy people who are just looking for a good time.

I am a Tribal Fusion (dance form) belly dancer and a proud Wiccan.

I've been a contralto singer since 2001, and knows other people's vocal ranges and notes.

And, I have bad grammar.

Things I likeSzerkesztés

Xena: Warrior Princess is my favorite show. And, so are The Golden Girls and some Vh1 and Nick at Nite shows.

I've been a WWE fan since 1994.

My favorite vocalists are Enya and Lisa Gerrard.

I LOVE heavy metal and rock music

The Simpsons

Johnny Depp

Jim Morrison

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Things I don't likeSzerkesztés

I don't like it when some users keep tabs on my edits and mess them up.

Rude people

Judgemental bible thumpers

Prejudice against the Wiccan religion.

Prejudice in general



Weird creepy people



I HATE bubblegum pop music.

I HATE poser punk bands who think they're hardcore when they're not.

Topics of interestSzerkesztés

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