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Miért vontad vissza a szerkesztéseket és miért jelölted őket vandalizmusnak? – (vita) 2015. november 28., 15:09 (CET)[]

A hivatkozásokat a horvát autópályadíj kalkulátoromra miért törölted? Nem releváns?Szerkesztés


A hivatkozásokat a horvát autópályadíj kalkulátoromra miért törölted? Nem releváns?

Erre gondolok:

Köszi. – Aláíratlan hozzászólás, szerzője Janositibor (vitalap | szerkesztései) 2018. március 9., 15:29‎ (CET)[]

A couple of things. 1) This is an encyclopaedia, and your toll calculator is neither a reliable source, a relevant external link, nor pertinent to an encyclopaedia. 2) Your continued addition of links to a site where you have a conflict of interest. Please stop your addition of a link that is not encyclopaedic and to which you have an interest. Each wikipedia will have information pages about each of these subjects so please read them. Thanks. Billinghurst vita 2018. március 9., 22:08 (CET)[]

Thanks for your answer!

My answers based on information available on the following pages:

1.a Not a reliable source: I agree. My site is not a reliable source by definition. But on this topic there is only one reliable source: If it is a strict rule, no another external link would be acceptable. There are lot of links to "not reliable sites" on the discussed pages, so it is not a strict rule in this case.

1.b Not a relevant external link: In my opinion you are wrong. It is relevant.

1.c Not pertinent to an encyclopaedia: I disagree. On the referred url you can find useful, unique and true information.

2. Conflict of interest: It is possible that you are right and the repeated sending was spam activity, so I wont insert the same link more than once. "Although the specific links may be allowed under some circumstances" I think the unique (and valid) content is the typical example of the mentioned circumstances. Accordingly to the 5th pillar "The principles and spirit matter more than literal wording" a link to the given language version of my site is appropriate. Please stop your removing of links.

Regards, – Aláíratlan hozzászólás, szerzője Janositibor (vitalap | szerkesztései) 2018. március 10., 15:33‎ (CET)[]

  • When you are only adding the links to your site, and on multiple wikis, then it is a clear conflict of interest; so please look at those pages which give guidance on managing conflict of interest.
  • Wikipedias are not directories of links, and not here to provide tourist information, or the like. There exists the sister sites Wikivoyage that exist to cover such information, not the wikipedias. In what printed encyclopaedia have you seen, or would you expect to see a link or a reference, to a toll fee calculator? That in part is the test that I am applying here.
  • The authoritative site presumably is, so it is what should be used, not your interpretation of that.
You can see luxo: for one set of your edits that shows that your focus is aimed at your website, not on improving our sites. So if you think that I am overly harsh in imposing my opinion over yours, then utilise the available processes, not simply reimpose your edits where you have a clear conflict of interest. Billinghurst vita 2018. március 11., 01:05 (CET)[]


Hi Billinghurst. Why did you remove this link from the article? You marked it as spam, however it is present in a number of wikis, e.g. enwiki, eswiki, frwiki, etc. Looking at the web page it is not obvious that it is a spam. Csigabi itt a házam 2018. december 21., 21:51 (CET)[]

Hi @Csigabi: it is classic conflict of interest link spam. Have a look at m:User:COIBot/XWiki/, and yes it is at other wikis, and it shouldn't be at those wikis either. It gets into one wiki and propagates outwards. It would seem appropriate for the wikivoyages like hu:voy: if the relevant article is there. Billinghurst vita 2018. december 22., 02:55 (CET)[]
This person has made 28 additions, all to articles and just adding their url, adding a EU language link to a tourist site to WPs. I was working though the bottom of the list for the overnight additions, and I set aside the page to come back to remainder later, which I have been doing. There are better links to Cerdanya local region that are government and generally more language appropriate, and have not been added by this person. Naturally I am not trying override any local opinion of a valued and valid link. Billinghurst vita 2018. december 22., 03:17 (CET)[]

Thanks for the explanation. I was just puzzled why you had picked huwiki out of a bunch of wikis. I can see now that in the meantime you have deleted the link from other wikis, too. Cheers and merry Christmas. Csigabi itt a házam 2018. december 22., 10:42 (CET)[]


Why [1]? It looks like to me as a correct development of the article with source.– Szilas vita 2020. szeptember 28., 08:19 (CEST)[]

@Szilas: This user has been using what seems to be a machine translation and adding the same text across multiple wikis. It isn't a reliable source, so its addition is dubious and most likely a conflict of interest, see m:User:COIBot/XWiki/ If you think that it is legitimate, then feel free to undo my edit, this is your community's decision to make, and you will get no complaints from me. Billinghurst vita 2020. szeptember 28., 08:42 (CEST)[]

Ok, it is not that important to me, only a question.– Szilas vita 2020. szeptember 28., 10:35 (CEST)[]