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We hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Have a nice time! ιυlιυѕ aegιdιυѕ Csak szépeket! 2018. október 31., 23:52 (CET)[]


Dear Debenben! Due to your edit in article Dietil-éter, sulfuric acid is partly covered by the text above it. Review it please. ιυlιυѕ aegιdιυѕ Csak szépeket! 2018. november 1., 00:10 (CET)[]

@Iulius Aegidius: Thank you catching this. I cannot reproduce the problem with my computer, can you take a screenshot? I guess a quick fix should be to just insert an empty line before (for me this does not change anything in the layout).– Debenben vita 2018. november 1., 00:31 (CET)[]
Sent to your email address, but it's the same for me despite any number of inserted lines. ιυlιυѕ aegιdιυѕ Csak szépeket! 2018. november 1., 00:44 (CET)[]
@Iulius Aegidius: Thank you very much. Can I use the picture and some background information about your browser to create a phabricator ticket? This looks really weired and should never happen.– Debenben vita 2018. november 1., 00:47 (CET)[]
Hmm, just Chrome shows this problem. What information do you need from me? ιυlιυѕ aegιdιυѕ Csak szépeket! 2018. november 1., 00:53 (CET)[]
I created a ticket phab:T208475. I guess the version of Chrome would be useful, the setting (e.g. if you get svg, png, or if you have some plugin for mathml or something else that could interfere). I assume you get svg, which means that if you right click and open the image you should see something like https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/media/math/render/svg/4d48b798268386768743396bbff298da8881c904. Is this also cut-off for you?– Debenben vita 2018. november 1., 01:07 (CET)[]
Version:70.0.3538.77(64). It does the same in incognito mode. However your link works well. :) ιυlιυѕ aegιdιυѕ Csak szépeket! 2018. november 1., 01:14 (CET)[]
My guess would be that the CSS rules calculating the boundary box don't work properly in Chrome, but I am not an expert on this. You could go to chemistry.stackexchange.com, insert $\ce{C2H5OH{} + C2H5OH ->[\ce{cc.\ H2SO4}] C2H5-O-C2H5{} + H2O}$, right click -> Math settings -> Math renderer -> SVG. If that renders correct, the problem is probably somewhere in MediaWiki.– Debenben vita 2018. november 1., 01:36 (CET)[]