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We hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Again, welcome! misibacsi*üzenet 2013. december 14., 06:52 (CET)

Hungarian text to pictures: Maldív-szigetek, Kafka, ...Szerkesztés


We appreciate that you insert pictures into articles and try to add text to pictures, however the machine-translated texts are not accepted (they break the grammar). Often it is hard to figure out their meaning. So, it's better to leave the English texts under the pictures. Usually soon someone will translate them into Hungarian. If this does not happen, let's say within a week, you may call me to translate the text. misibacsi*üzenet 2013. december 14., 07:10 (CET)

My apologies. I want to contribute the images and I know the translation is not very good. I will leave the caption in English as you recommend. Many thanks.-Godot13 vita 2013. december 15., 02:28 (CET)

You're welcome. Insert the images as usual, and please send me a notice if the translation does not happen within a week, probably because the article is not on my Watchlist. misibacsi*üzenet 2013. december 15., 08:25 (CET)