You're not functioning in bot mode. You should be. Recent Changes page gets quite flooded. – Pagony foxhole 2017. augusztus 29., 19:19 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

You did it again. – Pagony foxhole 2017. december 21., 20:38 (CET)Válasz[válasz]

Is this the place to make a request? If yes, then I can't make a request, because there is no english version of instruction. – Tohaomg vita 2017. december 21., 20:50 (CET)Válasz[válasz]
@Tohaomg: if you use the English language surface (in you Preferences use en - English), you will see the instructions in English on the linked page (second tab, "How to request a bot flag"). If not, let me know. Best regards, Samat üzenetrögzítő 2017. december 22., 00:10 (CET)Válasz[válasz]