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Your editsSzerkesztés

Hi, bon soir! Please stop your activity of dleting full contents of categories of olyimpics. They are there to receive the articles. Please do not continue! Your editing rights can be suspended at Hungarian Wikipedia! Thanks a lot in advance, --Burumbátor Burum kerekasztala 2007. április 29., 18:34 (CEST)

You are damn right, they were duplicates. Sorry, I did not go deep into checking this, thanks for your efforts. In huwiki, you can enter a template {{az}}, which will send these empty, duplicate categories for immediate deletion.

Again, thanks! Wish you successful editing also in the future, --Burumbátor Burum kerekasztala 2007. április 29., 18:43 (CEST)

Republic of China interwikiSzerkesztés

Could you please tell me why you delete existing interwikis? I checked some of the iws you deleted from the article and they were pointing to the right article at the relevant language. What's your problem? – Jiélún de xiǎolóng(Jay kissárkánya)   papírtekercs 2010. december 31., 19:34 (CET)

In most languages, there are two articles, one about the island (Taiwan), one about the country (Republic of China).
My bot added the needed interwikis about the country and deleted the ones about the island.
Best regards,
Vargenau vita 2010. december 31., 22:59 (CET)
I see. Next time, can you please add a more descriptive edit summary to avoid misunderstandings like this? Thanks. – Jiélún de xiǎolóng(Jay kissárkánya)   papírtekercs 2010. december 31., 23:04 (CET)
The summary is created automatically by the bot. It gives the list of modifications. I cannot change it.
Happy new year.
Vargenau vita 2011. január 1., 12:49 (CET)