I do not know Hungarian.

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Hi! Maybe you have a better chance if you try looking for volunteers at the transport project. Mamirendelő 2009. március 13., 17:18 (CET)


Hi! Take the time and read this: WP:JAPÁN. → Raziel szóbuborék 2009. április 2., 10:07 (CEST)

Answer: Wikipédia-vita:Japán nevek átírása#Fictional charactersRaziel szóbuborék 2009. április 2., 10:41 (CEST)

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You can try to post your request on Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (képek) (Wikipedia:Village pump (images)). → Raziel szóbuborék 2010. március 3., 18:45 (CET)

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Picture is taken. I hope you like it (it's nothing special).

I uploaded it into the Commons with this filename:

Malev Lurdy haz Budapest 2010-03-14 IMG 0440-1000.jpg

misibacsi*üzenet 2010. március 15., 21:04 (CET)

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„Egyetem” has the meaning: „university”, not „college”. I don't think that one can translate „college” into Hungarian correctly. „Kollégium” could be sometimes all right, but it has not entirely the same meaning, as „college”. I've asked the forum: →Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (helyesírás) to start a discussion about the correct title of the proposed article.

--Karmela posta 2011. december 14., 22:48 (CET)

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Please, don't use Google Translate. :) The article says, briefly: The Malev has to leave its offices in the Lurdy House very soon because of the shutdown. Some years ago about 600 people used app. 6000 square meters in two floors but last year the airline had to give up an entire floor and move to a smaller office area. This summer the Malev planned to move to the airport to some newly rebuilt offices, but now this plan is over. At present no-one knows where the Malev or a new national airways moves.

I hope I could help you. - Tündi vita 2012. február 4., 17:07 (CET)

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Where, what and when? After that I know these, I decide. misibacsi*üzenet 2012. február 16., 23:59 (CET)

OK, I'll see what I can do. Two of them will be easy, but the Wizz Air HQ is too far for me. I already have the photo of the Russian School in Budapest, it seems I forgot to upload it (it is the back side of it). misibacsi*üzenet 2012. február 20., 11:30 (CET)

I'm sorry I don't know anyone. misibacsi*üzenet 2012. február 20., 19:33 (CET)

Hi, the Wizzair building is in a restricted area of the airport, I guess you need a special permit to get in there. Csigabi itt a házam 2012. február 20., 21:46 (CET)

Good morning (probably good night for you). I'm not aware of any signs, however the reason could be that I did not pay much attention to them yet. Nevertheless I am going to check it for you and take a photo if one exists.

You can't even guess how many times I have been in that compound back when a couple of forwarding agents were still renting premises for their offices there (in the large L-shaped building). Though Wizz Air did not exist then. The building of the former Civil Aviation Safety Bureau is not part of the terminal building, it is a smallish wooden building inside the compound. With today's safety measures it is not that easy to get inside the compound as it had been before. Csigabi itt a házam 2012. február 21., 09:18 (CET)

I will take a photo of the A gate soon for you. It is not far from where I live and work. I do not promise to do it from inside though.   Csigabi itt a házam 2012. február 21., 19:36 (CET)

I was driving past our airport today, so I took my camera with me. I have uploaded a photo for you. Its name on Commons is: File:Budapest Airport A Porta (Gate A).JPG. If you wish anything else just let me know. The Wizz Air building cannot really be photographed from outside, only its top floor can be seen over the trees. Nevertheless I have a few Wizz flight attendants for you on the photo. Csigabi itt a házam 2012. február 22., 19:46 (CET)

I'm just working on a digitally improved version. Csigabi itt a házam 2012. február 22., 21:29 (CET)

Already done. Csigabi itt a házam 2012. február 22., 21:39 (CET)


I visited the given addresses (unfortunately the battery of my camera went flat, so I could not take any pictures). However there are two problems:

  • old Malev head office - 1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 2.

The address seems not to exist (anyway after renaming it is "Szechenyi Istvan ter"). It is a square. In the South side there is a big hotel building. Maybe the Malev office was inside the hotel. On the East side the No. starts with a "3" and goes upwards. (on the North side it is the Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia building, and on the West side there is the Danube river). So, I could take a foto of the hotel building, and someone can say: "the Malev office was inside", but there is no any sign or proof of it.

  • Travel Service Hungary head office - 1077 Budapest, Wesselényi u. 16/a

I found this address, but it has another name on a plate (if I remember well, it is some kind of a commercial company). Maybe the "Travel Service offices" are inside the building, but it was weekend, so the gate was closed.

  • The other two addresses are without problems, they are just ordinary gates (of the Transport Offices). Are you interested in pictures of their gates as well? I can take those fotos when I go there next time. misibacsi*üzenet 2012. március 1., 19:07 (CET)

The erstwhile address 1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 2. does not exist any more due to the recent renaming of the place, however the building is still there, indeed. The entrance to Malev offices and ticketing was on the west (Danube) side of the building, on the ground floor (bought tickects there myself). Csigabi itt a házam 2012. március 1., 19:58 (CET)

Dear Csigabi, if you know the Malev office is still there, go ahead and take a picture! I won't. misibacsi*üzenet 2012. március 1., 20:20 (CET)

Please, read my words again. I did not claim the Malev office was still there, I merely said that the building was still there. What a difference! Csigabi itt a házam 2012. március 1., 20:26 (CET)

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Hi! At the moment unfortunately I am fully occupied with template and file maintenance work, maybe you could post this at Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (egyéb) (the village pump) so that others could possibly take it up. Cheers, Teemeah   big bang is ALIVE 2012. március 30., 13:21 (CEST)


You may use it.

23.04.2012. - No-frills airline Wizz Air will launch flights between the east Hungarian city of Debrecen and Eindhoven and Milan from this autumn, CEO József Váradi said in Budapest on Monday. The flights are expected to boost health tourism, with focus on dental patients, in the region of Debrecen, Mayor Lajos Kósa said. The city, neighbouring municipalities and local businesses are sharing the 100,000 euro annual cost of a marketing campaign on Wizz Air's website visited by 100 million a year, he said. Wizz Air said earlier that it would operate a flight between Debrecen and London Luton from June on. Dudva vita 2012. május 8., 07:55 (CEST)

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The article says only "partnership" between the two companies, and mentions that Hainan intended to buy Malev. I hope this helps. misibacsi*üzenet 2012. augusztus 31., 06:11 (CEST)

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Hi. I moved your inquiry to Wikipédia:Kocsmafal (képek) (the image forum) because more people will see that there, and because the translation assistance board is not the right place for photo requests. Cheers. Xiaolong   Üzenő 2015. április 9., 16:17 (CEST)

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You requested the above photo at huwiki. Here it is:

Budapest, X. kerület, Vak Bottyán utca, Laurus ház

Are you sure that Wizzair Office is in the building? I didn't search it, but there is no panel at the entrance showing it (as usual, there should be many offices in there, not just this one). So, I gave a more general name to it "Laurus House". misibacsi*üzenet 2018. november 1., 15:36 (CET)

Hold on, they say it is the "A" building, not the "B". I will check it tomorrow. misibacsi*üzenet 2018. november 1., 18:05 (CET)

@Misibacsi: Thanks for the info! Yeah, the company has its headquarters in B Building. Its official site has the address "Laurus Offices | Kőér street 2/A | Building B | H-1103 | Budapest, Hungary" - I look forward to knowing which building is in the picture. WhisperToMe vita 2018. november 1., 18:16 (CET)

They say it is the "A" building in this picture. Here is a plan:


So, there are 3 buildings, and I make a photo of the "A". misibacsi*üzenet 2018. november 1., 18:26 (CET)

It is done again, now here is the "2/B" building:

Budapest, Laurus irodaház, X. kerület, Kőér u. 2/B

misibacsi*üzenet 2018. november 3., 07:00 (CET)

@Misibacsi: I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! I added the image to the Hungarian Wizz Air article WhisperToMe vita 2018. november 5., 19:05 (CET)

OK. You are welcome. misibacsi*üzenet 2018. november 5., 19:45 (CET)