Turn Around, Look at Me (EP)

The Bee Gees
Turn Around, Look at Me / Everyday I Have to Cry / Wine and Women / Peace of Mind
Megjelent 1965. szeptember
Formátum EP
Stílus rock
Hossz 09:33
Kiadó Festival FX-11539
Producer Festival Records
The Bee Gees-kronológia
Wine and Women / Follow the Wind / Peace of Mind / Don't Say Goodbye
Turn Around, Look at Me (EP)I Was a Lover, a Leader of Men / And the Children Laughing


Turn Around, Look at Me: 1964. szeptember, Festival Studio, Sydney
Everyday I Have to Cry: 1965. február, Festival Studio, Sydney
Wine and Women: 1965. augusztus, Festival Studio, Sydney
Peace of Mind: 1964. február, Festival Studio, Sydney


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