„Robert Owen (politikus)” változatai közötti eltérés

*1812. A New View of Society, or Essays on the Formation of Human Character.
*1815. Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System.
*1817. Report to the Committee for the Relief of the Manufacturing Poor.
*1818. Two memorials behalf of the working classes.
*1819. An Address to the Master Manufacturers of Great Britain.
*1820. The Book of the New Moral World, Containing the Rational System of Society.
*1821. A Report to the County of Lanark of a Plan for relieving Public Distress.
*1823. An Explanation of the Cause of Distress which pervades the civilized parts of the world.
*1826. The Social System - Constitution, Laws, and Regulations of a Community.
*1830. Was one of the founders of the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union (GNCTU).
*1832. An Address to All Classes in the State.
*1849. The Revolution in the Mind and Practice of the Human Race.
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