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This principle is not as broadly endorsed for [[Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons|biographies of living persons]]. While such articles are also allowed and expected to be imperfect, any [[WP:V|contentious unsubstantiated]] or [[WP:NPOV|patently biased]] information in such articles should be removed until verified or rewritten in a neutral manner.
== TryPróbáld tomegoldani fixa problemsproblémát ==
''Fix problems if you can, flag or remove them if you can't.'' Preserve appropriate content. As long as any of the facts or ideas added to the article would belong in a "finished" article, they should be retained and the writing [[Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup|tagged]] if necessary, or cleaned up on the spot. If you think a page needs to be rewritten or changed substantially, go ahead and do it, but preserve any content you think might have some value on the [[Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines#How to use article talk pages|talk page]], along with a comment about why you made the change. Do not remove good information solely because it is poorly presented; instead, improve the presentation by rewriting the passage. The [[Wikipedia:How to edit a page|editing process]] tends to guide articles through ever-higher [[WP:ASSESS|levels of quality]] over time. Great Wikipedia articles can come from a succession of editors' efforts.
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Instead of deleting text, consider:
*correcting inaccuracy while keeping the content
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