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The Wailing Wailers egy album a The Wailers reggae zenekartól.

The Wailers
The Wailing Wailers
Megjelent 1965
Felvételek 1963–1965
Stílus Ska
Nyelv angol
Kiadó Studio One
Producer Clement Dodd
The Wailers-kronológia
The Wailing Wailers
The Best of the Wailers


  1. I Am Gonna Put It On
  2. I Need You
  3. Lonsome Feeling
  4. What's New Pussycat
  5. One Love
  6. When The Well Runs Dry
  7. Ten Commandments Of Love
  8. Rude Boy
  9. It Hurts To Be Alone
  10. Love & Affection
  11. I Am Still Waiting
  12. Simmer Down