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Derry, not "Londonderry"Szerkesztés

'Derry' is the name of our city to the vast majority of Derry's population when speaking in English. "Londonderry" is the colonial name used by British people, and British loyalist settlers in Ireland. The vast majority of Derry city's population is, however, native Irish nationalist and always therefore say Derry (in English). Best regards. 2007. augusztus 23., 18:39 (CEST)

As a native of Londonderry, I can assure you that this is the correct name of the City. Of course, the ethnic cleansing of 15,000 Protestants from the West Bank between 1972-1992 did somewhat help to secure a foreign majority population in the City. Anyway, did you seriously look up Londonderry in foreign Wikipedia articles, just to try and change the name? You sad Irish bastard :)--Alan Shearer vita 2013. március 10., 09:02 (CET)

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