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Anime- és mangaműhely: Források gyűjteménye
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Itt azokat a forrásokat látjátok, melyek hasznosak lehetnek szócikkírás közben. A lista valószínűleg nem teljes, de szabadon bővíthető. Ez a lista a megbízható anime-manga témájú internetes forrásokat, nyomtatott sajtó-forrásokat és könyvforrásokat tartalmazza.


Forráskeresés=mint tűt a szénakazalban Vigyor

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  • Aga-Search - Database of mystery and detective information
  • Anime Newtype Channel - Lists episode broadcasts dates, summaries, directors, and writers of currently airing series. Be advised that information is updated monthly and is not permanent. Therefore references should be archived using WebCite or similar archival website.
  • Comptiq Website for the magazine publisher. Forcuses on Japanese video games.
  • e-animedia Website for the publisher of multiple magazines relating to anime and mange for several decades.
  • Kodansha Japanese publisher, including magazines. Use citeweb for their site as their pages may be lost.
  • Oricon Japanese news site focusing on Japanese pop culture, including anime and manga.



  • Manga News - Anime/Manga website. Staff reviews can be hot linked by adding '#review' in the URL.
  • Manga Sanctuary - Anime/Manga website.
  • Animeland - Web counter part of an Anime/Manga monthly (10 issues per year) paper publication. The #1 French anime paper magazine.
  • Bd Gest' - Mostly Franco-Belgian and American comics reviews but also some Manga reviews.


  • Animeaddicts - Több, mint 3000 anime- és mangaismertető, képek, általános információk.
  • - Animék magyar szinkronstábjai





A note about using Anime News Network as a reference: ANN is divided into sections of varying quality. For news, reviews, and release information, ANN is a reliable source and close to being a newspaper of record for anime and manga. The "fan interest" pieces, however, may be pulled directly from unreliable sources and generally should not be used - is the "reliable" feed. In addition, because the encyclopedia portion is user-edited, that information is not reliable by Wikipedia standards.
  • - Formerly, contains anime news with thousands of anime and manga reviews. Editors must be particularly careful the reviews are from AnimeOnDVD/Mania staffers and NOT from the user-submitted "Maniacs" section. When searching for reviews, those that have a URL format of*title*_*somenumbers*.html and that follow the original AoD review format are written by staff reviewers and are considered reliable and usable for articles. "Maniac" reviews written by users which are not RS can be detected by the lack of structured format and a URL in the form of*username*/review/*title*_*somenumbers*.html
  • - The "frozen", old site is RS, but the wiki version may not be since it currently allows anyone to register and contribute (at the very least, sourcing to the wiki should probably be done as a last resort for the present time).