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* Charles Petzold: The Annotated Turing: A Guided Tour Through Alan Turing's Historic Paper on Computability and the Turing Machine, 2008, {{ISBN|978-0470229057}}
* [http://www.abelard.org/turpap2/tp2-ie.asp Turing, A., On Computable Numbers, With an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem], Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Series 2, Volume 42, 1936; reprinted in M. David (ed.), The Undecidable, Hewlett, NY: Raven Press, 1965; online: *Boolos, G. and Jeffrey, R., Computability and Logic, 2nd ed., Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980.
* [https://web.archive.org/web/20050308141040/http://www.imt.ro/Romjist/Volum1/Vol1_3/turing.htm Rogozhin, Yurii: „A Universal Turing Machine with 22 States and 2 Symbols”], Romanian Journal Of Information Science and Technology, 1(3), 259-265, 1998. (surveys known results about small universal Turing machines)
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/turing-machine/ C++ Simulator of a Nondeterministic and Deterministic Turing Machine (free software)].
* [http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~nachumd/papers/ChurchTuring.pdf A Church-Turing tézis formalizációja] [[angol nyelv|(angolul)]] [[PDF|(PDF)]]
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