hi, thank you for your return to the Hungarian Wikipedia! You can help us in many ways - however, it seems you have not learnt Hungarian in the meantime, therefore your contributions of today are rather annoying than helpful. e.g. Belgium )not "belgium" is a country and not a nationality, Múzeumban is a modified for of Múzeum (English: "in the Museum").
In light of the above, would you please try to find how you would be able to contribute to the Hungarian Wikipedia in a really useful way. Thank you. -- Linkoman
Thank you for your warm welcome. I was aware that my contribution would unlikely be perfect. However, I made the edit nonetheless because I spotted an error, even with my limited knowledge of Hungarian. Even though there was a short period where Belgium and the Netherlands were one country, in this case the nationality 'Belgian' is more appropriate than 'Dutch'. I was under the impression that it would be better to correct this mistake and count on it that someone else would catch any possible spelling mistake, rather than leave the mistake there and hope someone who speaks Hungarian would happen to know enough about Dutch history to spot the mistake in Nationality.
In the case of Teylers Museum, I simply wanted to avoid that someone would do a lot of work creating another article about Teylers Museum - and I created the redirect. In most projects I came across, redirects are appreciated. I assumed that the article was written by someone with sufficient knowledge of Hungarian, and hence that it was an honest link which would likely be placed multiple times. Also I assumed that the article Teylers Múzeum was named correctly, and that (no matter my language skills) the redirect would be appropriate. As I understand from your explanation it would probably have been more appropriate to change the text of the link to the article directly, but obviously I didn't want to risk my misunderstanding of Hungarian grammar here, and thought a redirect was posing the least risk and most help. I'm sorry that you feel these contributions to be 'annoying' and 'not helpful'. Effeietsanders vita 2012. március 21., 13:57 (CET)Válasz[válasz]