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Hello and welcome to the Hungarian Wikipedia! Thank you for your contribution. In case you do not speak Hungarian, please see this page for a list of categories including editors who are able to communicate in other languages. All the best, – KovacsUr (?) (!), 2005. augusztus 11., 16:06 (CEST)

csak diakSzerkesztés

Hi! What is "csak diak" supposed to mean? It actually means "only a student", but I don't think that is what you mean to say. :) If you are only correcting the spelling of some Slovak words, put "Szlovák helyesírás" ("Slovak spelling") instead. – KovacsUr (?) (!), 2005. augusztus 15., 20:29 (CEST)

)))))) Szia, Thank You for information, You are right, I wanted to write: "only diacritic", I thought that Hungarian has similar word for that :)) I will use "Szlovák helyesírás" with pleasure. Köszönöm :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 15., 20:49 (CEST)
In fact, we do have a similar word (diakritikus), but it is not widely used. You're welcome. :) – KovacsUr (?) (!), 2005. augusztus 15., 21:09 (CEST)

Ok, I can use "csak diakritikus" once a year :) But I have small hope that I will find so many correction chances as i know magyar words for that activity :) Nagy Köszönöm :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 15., 21:19 (CEST)

The Hungarian name for diacritic is: ékezetek. You can also use English edit summaries, if you want. :) --Ali 2005. augusztus 15., 20:35 (CEST) :)

Thank You, Ali, I prefer magyar, it is lovely language. I will alternate "helyesírás" and "ékezetek" :) Köszönöm :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 15., 20:49 (CEST)

Oops, now I see what you wanted to mean. Actually, in this case "mellékjel" would be a more accurate word. But both are OK. :) Ali 2005. augusztus 15., 21:02 (CEST)

OK, I will remember also "mellékjel" :) Thank You for teaching, actually I am Your thankful DIAK :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 15., 21:12 (CEST)

By the way, diák is written with a diacritic. ;) – KovacsUr (?) (!), 2005. augusztus 15., 21:15 (CEST)

))) Köszönöm, I will remember Diák forever --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 15., 21:38 (CEST)


By the way, thanks for an enthusiastic editor we have articles about almost all Slovakian settlements. Unfortunatly most of the villages are in near-stub condition. Do you have any Hungarian speaking editors in the Slovakian Wikipedia who can expand these articles so they could be more useful source of information? -- Serinde 2005. augusztus 15., 21:22 (CEST)

Serinde, I would not call it "stubs", majority of these villages are really small, You can't wait large articles about it. I was shocked how many interesting informations about Slovak villages from Magyar Wikipedia I got (altough I often needed little bit fantasy because level of my magyar). Darinko made wonderful work. I tell You with silent voice that these "Slovak village stubs" You can find in Slovak wikipedia... but I hope, it will be change soon (I try help also). So actually Slovaks cant help to Magyars with that (simple reason - Magyar version of Slovakia villages is 100000x better as Slovak one). But one nice day, why not - for sure we help. :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 15., 21:39 (CEST)

Oh, I did not expect to increase all of them into several paged articles :)) But there might be information of more current events in some cases. Any help would do. We will also try to find more data about them. On the other hand I am fully aware of the load of work Darinko did in our little Wiki, but thank you for the compliment in his name ;) -- Serinde 2005. augusztus 15., 21:45 (CEST)

I hope I will find in Slovak Wiki that cheerful bilingual person soon, but this informations changing will be very advantageous for our side :) Actually I can't stop to make ékezetek, it is like deviation - I am dancing through various language Wiki variants (including Cymraeg, キルギスタン) and changing mellékjel in Slovak names :) But one day I begin learn magyar seriously and later will help improve Your edition :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 16., 04:49 (CEST)

Hello, thank You for your corrections in the slovakian names. I hope we can help each other in the writing of the articles in the future too. Darinko 2005. augusztus 15., 22:27 (CEST)

Darinko, I thank You, You made fantastic work :) I will look for Magyar speaking person in Slovak Wiki and send him to stole (translate) Your amazing materials for us :) I will continue to make helyesírás with pleasure :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 16., 04:49 (CEST)

Interlanguage linksSzerkesztés

Hi there! There is an informal rule for the order of interwiki links at huwiki (which might be unknown to you): the first iw link is reserved for the English Wikipedia (provided that a corresponding article exists there), the others are ordered by name (e.g. if there are Albanian, English, and Slovakian iw links for an article, their order is: 1.) en: 2.) sq: (Shqip) 3.) sk;

Unfortunately not everyone knows about and follows that rule, but the majority of us (-> the so-called "community") accept that.

Otherwise, we are happy that you correct the Slovak spelling and add the sk iw links to our articles. Please keep up with the good work! -- 2005. augusztus 18., 02:24 (CEST)

Oh, I am sorry, Your rule has logic, I will remember and respect that :) I didn't make so much damage, except Aranyosmarót I played with iw links maybe in two another articles, I go to find and repair it now :) Thank You for information. :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 18., 02:34 (CEST)

Noproblem. / Another note: We know that in many articles the iw links are ordered by their code (en:, sk:, sq:) (A-Z), and not by their name (English, Shqip, Slovenčina). This is only because poorly configured bots and is not intended. But the more important informal rule is that the English article is the first, and this is because it's the most widely spoken foreign language in Hungary. / 2005. augusztus 18., 02:44 (CEST)

English has same status in my land, I will propose Your useful rule for our Wiki :) There are not many articles about Slovakia's villages in Albanian language, so probably I will not have often the problem of sequence conflict between sk and sq :) But I will care about all rules. Thank You for Your advice :) --Kelovy 2005. augusztus 18., 03:01 (CEST)


Hi! You're right! Thank You for the mistake correction. There is two villages with the same slovakian names. Jesenské in Léva district simply came into existence later, so it wasnot in the book what I used. Darinko 2007. október 24., 20:25 (CEST)

perfect, I am proud for finding (except small detail:) right Hungarian variant :) I greatly appreciate all You are doing. Szia :) – Kelovy 2007. október 24., 20:57 (CEST)


Hi! Thank you for your help. Dziękuję! :) – Tomeczek   Słucham! 2008. június 16., 13:27 (CEST)

:) Szia :) not at all - nie ma za co :) – Kelovy vita 2008. június 17., 12:37 (CEST)


Szia, in other wikipedias he has 2. april as date of birth, it is mistake ? – Kelovy vita 2008. június 20., 03:40 (CEST)

Dear Kelovy! Puskas was born on 1st of april according to the documents, but that is fool's day so they celebrated his birthday one day later, to avoid jokes on him. Pilgab   üzenet   2008. június 20., 10:49 (CEST)