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Angolul , nemetul 1 meterrel alacsonyabb – Aláíratlan hozzászólás, szerzője (vitalap | szerkesztései)

Ott van az adat forrása, ami szerint annyi, amennyi. – LA pankuš 2017. január 20., 16:59 (CET)

Travel GuideSzerkesztés

At first – I am sorry that I‘m unable to communicate with you in your native language. My name is Jürgen Weidner, I’m living in a small village at Mount Olympus in Greece. For several years now I’m writing articles for the English and German Wikipedia, mostly about ancient sites, museums, monasteries and churches. Because of Covid 19 it is difficult to travel and interview people an dig for sources. So I’ve decided to use my time to write a Travel Guide. Most chapters are based on the articles I’ve written for Wikipedia, feel free to check that out. Because it is a Travel Guide I’ve removed all the sources and partly stripped the articles so that they are better comprehensive for tourists which are probably not interested in every detail. There are many people of your country visiting Mount Olympus at normal times. It is my intention to give them something useful at hand. This ebook is free of advertising, I don’t have any income from it. It is a voluntary work, same as my writing for Wikipedia. So think about it if you really want to ban the download link from your Wikipedia. Juergen Weidner vita 2021. január 22., 19:02 (CET)

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