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SuggestBot is a computer program that tries to help Wikipedia editors find articles to work on based on what they have done previously.

How to get suggestionsSzerkesztés

If you want to try it out just once and get some personalized suggestions we have documentation explaining how to do that. You can also sign up to receive suggestions at regular intervals.


SuggestBot is developed by at the University of Minnesota, USA as part of a research project.[1] The bot was originally developed by User:ForteTuba. While most of the bot runs on computers at the University of Minnesota, part of its functionality is handled by the Wikimedia Toolserver.


We are currently working on importing data and getting the bot set up, approved, and tested. Because Nettrom is also writing a research paper for WikiSym 2013, expect delays.

How does SuggestBot work?Szerkesztés

SuggestBot posts a list of articles it thinks you will enjoy editing to your user talk page. The list should only contain articles that have been identified by Wikipedia editors as in need of improvement, e.g. stubs, unencyclopaedic articles, articles lacking sources, etc... To create the list of suggestions the bot looks at the articles you have edited, and then finds other articles by comparing article text, the wikilinks between articles, and by finding other users who have edited similar articles like you. Some of this data is fetched directly from Wikipedia and is therefore continously updated, while parts of it is more static and can therefore lead us to be slightly out-of-date. We therefore continously strive to improve the bot for instance by automating all updates.


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