Hi! Excuse me for blocking you, it was mistake! – Regasterios vita 2015. december 31., 21:10 (CET)

Hmmm... « komoly vagy visszaeső vandál »... It is the first time in 13 years I have been blocked for vandalism ^^ Happy new year... Céréales Killer vita 2015. december 31., 23:09 (CET)
Well, now you can finally add the line "serious serial vandal" to your resume. I'm sure you've wanted that for a long time.
How did you know I was expecting that ^^
But seriously: alarms went off when you renamed Trófea, one of the many, many known sockpuppets of a guy permanently blocked on huwiki, to Aputró. I'm not clear what the rationale for that renaming was. --Malatinszky vita 2016. január 1., 15:15 (CET)
Ah, okay, I understand now. When I have done the renaming, I was not aware about this. I did not check if this account was blocked. The reason given for this renaming was "fiam született"... Google Translate says: "My son is born"... My apologizes! I will be more attentive in the future ;) Céréales Killer vita 2016. január 1., 15:24 (CET)
Oh, I understand the name Aputró now: "apu" is "father" or "dad" and "tró" is probably just short for "trófea". Just out of curiosity: where was this renaming requested please? --Malatinszky vita 2016. január 1., 15:56 (CET)
On meta. Since the SUL is now active everywhere, the renaming is performed by global renamers on Meta. Céréales Killer vita 2016. január 1., 16:05 (CET)